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8 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Desk

0 It seems there’s a different study every week warning us of the dangers of sitting down for long periods at work.

Celebrating this year’s Rising Star Shortlist | Vinita Ramtri

0 I wake up before the alarm goes off. It’s only 4.30am and ouch, I feel hung over. Yet, all I drank last evening

Rising Stars Shortlist Celebration 2016 | In Images

0 On 17 May 2016, WeAreTheCity held the Rising Stars Shortlist event. Held at Bloomberg, London, the event brought

WeAreTheCity celebrate the Rising Star Awards shortlist at Bloomberg

0 WeAreTheCity hosted an evening of celebration for over 200 women who were shortlisted for 2016’s Rising Star

Life’s lessons | Nimble Neha blog

1 I have had an eventful life so far and like most other people, I have had my share of learning. Through this post

Two powerful stories. Two powerful lessons

0 I’ve just picked up Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager. If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s a brilliant book

Inspirational Woman: Vidhi Sagar | Director and Co-Founder of Feministaa

0 Tell us about yourself – What does the future hold for you? I am Vidhi Sagar, co-founder of an

Inspirational Woman: Dr Ritu Singh | CHI DELHI

6 Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently I see myself as someone who works with the

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Imposter Syndrome | WeAreTheCity Twitter Chat 19/05/2016

0   ‘Do you recognise the imposter syndrome, have you ever felt like you were going to be found out?’ The purpose of this weeks tweet chat...

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the angel summit featured

07/05/2016: The Angel Summit | Inspiration Meets Impact

0 The Angel Summit is a one day global conference that brings together the brightest women in tech, business, arts, sports, politics and connects...

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Giving Back: Elca Grobler | Founder, My Choices Foundation

0 Tell us about yourself and your background They say a dream is something you want to do but a calling is something you have to do. I can still...
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Redefining Mental Health Services in India | Dr Bhavi Mody

2 Edupsyche is a pioneer organisation for mental health that aims to remould, redefine and refine mental health services in India. We have been...
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Blind’s Dream NGO enjoys a day at EsselWorld

0 EsselWorld, Asia’s largest theme park has always been a strong believer of giving back to the society through social development of...

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Inspirational Woman: Pragnya Wakhlu | Lead singer and songwriter at FRUZU, Founder of Mousai India

0 Tell us about yourself I am an IT engineer by education and I completed a Management in Entrepreneurship program from IIM Bangalore. I worked...

Inspirational Woman: Neha Motwani | CEO, Fitternity

0 Tell us about yourself and your background A fitness enthusiast and a go-getter by nature, entrepreneur Neha Motwani is the founder and CEO of...

Female Entrepreneur: Zeenia Master | Founder, Xenia Hospitality Solutions

1 Tell us a bit about yourself, background and what you do currently Being hospitality professional with degrees from Switzerland and London, I...


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Videshi Woman – An interview with Leena Isaac, Infotree Solutions Limited

2 Where are you from? I am from London, UK. How long have you been in India? I have been in India for 6 months now. What brought you to India? I...

Videshi Women – An interview with Moira Dickson, Founder of Audience of One Foundation

0 Where are you from? I’m originally from the UK but have lived in a number of major cities in the US, Australia and Asia. How long have...
Emine Sharma

Videshi Women – An interview with Emine Sharma, Zeki Jaan “LEGO™ Classes and Youth Development

0 Emine Sharma is a LEGO enthusiast currently living in Delhi. An urban educator whose past work was based in Detroit, Michigan. She has an M.Ed...