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Recommended Event: 27/11/2020: WiT Ignite – Career Fair

During Covid 4 out 10 women in India have lost their jobs in India and we continue to witness a deteriorating trend that will hurt us collectively if we as a community don’t intervene.

Further India has fallen a ranking of 113 of 152 of  countries offering equal opportunities to women and men. It ranks lowest amongst the BRIC countries at 27% ( with a declining trend) and China being the highest at 60%.

With this background and basis discussions with some of our chapter companies and partners, we bring forth to you WiT Ignite that is a Career Fair movement specifically focused on Women in STEM. Given Tech and Sciences is a key component of the future, having women and men engage equally would be paramount for our industry progression. Hence we are curating this unique opportunity which would squarely focus on enablement and employment of women in STEM in WiT Ignite Career Fair.


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