How many of you can honestly say you take time out purely for yourself? How often do you find yourself saying, “I just don’t get the time”, be it for exercise, eating healthily or even just the odd treat at the Beauticians. Not taking time out for you means you are lacking investment in your most precious asset. Too much time in the rat race, not drinking in moderation and an unbalanced diet can lead to all sorts of health issues. These can manifest themselves in so many different ways. Be it un-explained bouts of tiredness, skin & hair problems, lack of appetite or the opposite, either way, these are all signals from your body or mind warning you that you need to make a change.

Our Health page will bring you suggestions, tips and advice to help you to achieve the balance for healthy wellbeing. Whether you choose to achieve this through regular exercise, eating right or even turning to more holisitic therapies, read on, and above all try to balance the stress of work life .