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Break the Monotony of Excuses! | Shubhi Srivastava

80% of people out of 100 are always worried about their wellness.

wellness - Shubhi Srivastava They make promises to themselves every now and then. Every New Year, they make resolutions that they will take care of themselves a little more this year, will join a gym, yoga classes or control their diets and blah blah blah …But the harsh reality remains the same and they again end up making the same promises year after year.

Q – Do you know the reason why???

A – EXCUSES, that’s why!

That’s the reason why most of us fail in our approach to wellness. Even before thinking about it, we have hundreds of excuses ready for why we can’t do it or we say, ‘it is just not possible with us’. Hence few of us can’t even start and those who do go back to square one after a while, as excuses are the easiest escape route.

Still time after time, we accumulate the desire to initiate our wellness journey and we even start it with a lot of enthusiasm. After a while though, because of a genuine reasons, we have to break it. However, that genuine break in your wellness journey is not the problem. The actual problem is taking that genuine break as an excuse and not starting your journey again, thinking it will happen again and not finding the possible solution for it. That’s what the real issue is with most of us.

But as they say, “where there is a will, there is a way”

And hence there always a solution to problems! You can find the solution to your excuses by indulging in yourself. So, let’s break the monotony of excuses and get on to the wellness journey.

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