Naari, Women Wellness

Naari feature2Naari is a social enterprise working in the space of Menstrual Hygiene Management. We endeavour to provide safe and hygienic periods for all women in sustainable and eco-friendly ways. Menstruation is a vast taboo in India where women often shy away from talking about it openly and freely among their families or peers. Owing to deep-rooted menstrual traditions and practices in society, women often have often face discrimination at various occasions in family, society and in their work place. An immense lack of information is observed in society and primarily among women, hence we educate them about facts on their menstrual cycle, enabling them to feel comfortable about their bodies. We focus on erasing menstrual myths and encouraging women to accept menstruation gracefully.

Banished for Menstruating

I was eleven when I first bled. I was too scared about what I was going through. I remember running up to Amma crying loudly, “Amma, call Acha back. I am dying....
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#Period Pride: Breaking Stereotypes

Menstruation is a taboo. Period. The recent debates on Sabrimala and menstruating women entering temple has seen endless debates and the #Readytowait vs #Righttopray campaign...
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