Partnering with us

We have many packages available for any type of campaign.  We pride ourselves on delivering results and have built up a fantastic portfolio of customers, partners and of course members.

Web Activity

Did you know we are Google Ranked Number 1* for ‘Women’s Events’, Top 3 for ‘Networking’, ‘London’, & ‘Networking Groups’?

– We have the furthest reach in the UK and India for key words relating to professional women * – Google Webmaster Statistics –  April-May 2012

With approximately over a 3.5 million hits a month, 270,00 unique visitors and 1,6 million page views we are able to provide a solid campaign and audience reach that you require.

October 2011- Cloudflare Server Statistics


With over 14,000 members and a reach of over 120,000 professional women we have a fantastic and wonderful set of members.

Popular Pages

Our most popular sections are (in no particular order);

  • Events
  • Jobs
  • News
  • Networks
  • Blogs
  • Recommended Events
  • Inspirational Women
  • Women in Business

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Premium Events License

Promoting your Events just got better!

We are also offering an annual license to all who have multiple events throughout a given year.  Once you buy your annual license you are free to promote as many events as you have on our site (subject to fair use policy).

So if you are managing or organising a whole raft of events in a given year, why not take the opportunity to have these on our Events Calendar? You will be able to simply upload all of your events throughout the year for a one off price.  This will save you hundreds of pounds in marketing.

Subscribe now for the price of £180 per annum (+ VAT  20%)

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(All prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT + 20%)

Promotional Packages

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Social Media

We are passionate about using social media to reach our members and readers.  We currently have a secure Linked In group with over 700 active members and over 3000 Twitter followers (@WATC_Girl | @WATC_Updates | @WATC_Careers).  Our Twitter followers are increasing at approx 5-10% daily*  All posts are tweeted automatically.  Events can be tweeted at point of publishing.

* – Klout statistics and Twitteriffic stats based upon a 2 month period (September to October 2011)


WeAreTheCity have hosted, partnered and promoted many over the last 5 years.  All events have been sold out.  These events have given companies the opportunities to mix with up to 300 members at a time and the ability to create brand awareness and in some events great sales.  Our Events Calendar is growing by the day and is being viewed 24 hours a day.  Most events placed in our Events Section see a larger percentage of interest and bookings.

A set of WATC Previous events can be seen here

Uploading and promoting your Event is easy! We will guarantee your event will be on our events calendar within 12 hours from placement.


With our fantastic WATC TV: and presenter we have transformed and energised many networking events. WATC TV: is also an excellent vehicle to showcase an event, product launch or even just a drop in drinks session.

WATC TV: Can be at your event and then promoted out via WeAreTheCity for quick and simple go to market solution. WATC TV: can be seen here  For any questions, queries or for any other interest, please contact us.  We are passionate about collaborating with like minded companies and our team are always happy to help with any query [email protected] or call us directly on 0845 340 2704

For any query or to discuss our promotional packages, simply contact us

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