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Garden Cress Seeds or Maca Powder the new entrant in 2016? Health predictions by Nutritionist Prachi Sanghavi

2016 is upon us and we’ve rounded up our top predictions for this year. Renowned nutritionist, Prachi Sanghvi, the co-founder of MyDIETist fitness app, shares her top tip offs and trends that are likely to be hot news in the coming months.

The next big workout in 2016 after Pilates & Crossfit

Nutrtition Prediction FeatureFunctional Training and Wearable Technology are going to boom in 2016. More wearable technology will be used as the Indian audience are adopting a healthier lifestyle every day, by the dozen!

Functional Fitness will also play a bigger role and involves mostly lifting your own body weight rather than external weights like calisthenics.

Superfoods of 2016

Kale and quinoa were a big hit in 2015 with foodies and health enthusiasts alike. Prachi adds that, “Quinoa still has some penetration pending and shall be a hit in 2016”

Raw and vegan food like Green Matcha tea, Maca powder and raw cocoa are yet to find their right place in the Indian market.

Seeds like garden cress seeds will find their true potential while chia seed, pumpkin seeds, melon and flax seeds will continue to prevail.

Wedding Season Fitness Guide for the Bride

Yoga, running and an adequate intake of water (around 3 litres) and balanced nutrition for healthy skin, hair and body are at the top of the list for brides. Find what works for you and stick to it. Do not over-do it, stick with simpler shorter goals and avoid any kind of stress or anxiety. Avoid cheat days, but make eat what you love everyday while keeping it healthy.

Replacing Green Tea with other natural forms of fat burners

Prachi suggests adding, “Natural infused water by adding a fresh fruit every night in water and let it soak overnight and refrigerate. You can use cucumber, kiwi, green apple and sweet lime, amongst others.”

Make unhealthy dishes healthy by changing ingredients

Replace a normal pizza base to multigrain roti, use cottage cheese instead of cheese and add lots of veggies.

Replace burgers by making wheat roti’s. Make patties from sprouts and boiled veggies and paneer instead of potato.

Make cake healthier by adding oats, beetroot, flaxseeds instead of maida
Replace fatty salad dressing and mayonnaise with hung curd, oregano, chilli flakes and bail

Resolutions to live up your fitness goals in 2016

Eat healthily, drink adequate water, take part in physical activity for at least 60 minutes, get a good nights sleep, try not to stress and be happy!

About Prachi Sanghavi:

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 09.54.09Prachi Sanghavi is the Director & Head of Nutrition at MyDIETist , a leading nutrition app which helps you make diet regimes, and tracks your health activity. With over 13 years of experience in the field of nutrition and having worked with big names such as K11 Co, Energym, BodyGym to name a few, she makes sure that each of her clients get the required attention as per his needs and health factors.

Prachi who has specialized in Sport Science and Nutrition, also understands that today’s world is too fast-paced and makes it very difficult to keep one’s health and diet in control. Hence, she conducts a number of health seminars to connect with her audience and to show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She also specializes in making diet plans for therapeuticpatients who suffer from Obesity, Diabetes etc.

Enterprising and practical, she knows that the GenX is the mostly approachable through social media and the internet, and that’s exactly the medium that she has used to launch her Flagship product, MyDIETist, under OTB Consulting Private Ltd. Through this initiative, she plans on changing the lifestyle and the mindset of the people, and to drive them towards a healthier life.

During her free time, Prachi is a sports enthusiast and loves playing Volleyball. She also loves reading and enjoys good music.

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