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Mentagram ‘Thank Your Buddy’ Campaign | Dr Bhavi Mody

Mentagram is working relentlessly to make mental health and wellness available, accessible and affordable to all.

Mentagram ‘Thank Your Buddy’ Campaign | Dr Bhavi ModyIn their zest to create awareness and acceptance for mental heath and wellness, they have launched a wonderful campaign, ‘Thank Your Buddy’, in association with catapooolt to fight stigma associated with the term mental health.

In a country where 75 million are suffering with mental illness, only one in 10 gets aid and support. India lost 31 million healthy lives to mental illness in 2013. By 2020 the number will rise to up to 38.1 million. It’s high time we all take charge and actively work towards building a healthy and happy individual and nation.

What is the Mentagram ‘Thank your buddy’ campaign?

#MentagramThankYourBuddy is a bold initiative to help people become more proactive to mental health. Most of us go through ups and downs in life and yes, there are those friends who stand by us rock solid during those lows associated with stress and strain of life. It’s an initiative to help people first accept mental health, thank the one who stood by them, and pledge support to mental health by supporting a friend anonymously.

How Can you Participate?

Step 1: Accept

Create a video accepting and sharing your difficult times, and how a buddy stood by you.

Step 2: Be Audacious

Dare to share this video on FaceBook with #Mentagram and #MentagramThankYourBuddy and tag along all your friends you care about.

Add the below text to your video:

#‎Mentagram, #‎MentagramThankYourBuddy
I say no to stigma for mental health. I take this bold step of saying thank you to my friend for supporting me in times of distress. You too can thank your buddy,
Visit: http://bit.ly/2aW4Ush, and in four simple steps destigmatize mental health.

Step 3: Create Awareness

Visit www.mentagram.in/thankyourbuddy and gift a consultation to a friend in need, pledging your support to expressing your solidarity to the emotional well-being of those you care for.

Step 4: Acknowledge

Support a friend or anonymously pledge support to someone in need of mental health support. If you choose to pay for one consultation to anyone friend/family or anonymously, Mentagram pledges to add a further consultation.
If you do not wish to make a video or contribute, help us spread a word about the campaign. Share the campaign on social media and Whatsapp talk to your friends about it. Every voice counts. Make a difference today!

Why should you be a part of it?

Experiencing a mental health problem is often upsetting and frightening, particularly at first. If you become unwell, you may feel that it’s a sign of weakness, or that you are ‘losing your mind’, and that it’s only going to get worse. You may be scared of being seen as ‘mad’ by other people in your life. You may also be afraid of being locked up in an institution.

However, in reality, mental health problems are a common human experience. Most people know someone who has experienced a mental health problem.

With this campaign, you can buy a consultation voucher with our expertise to help your friends free from emotional turmoil.

Let us pledge together to make this world mentally healthier!


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