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Don’t give away your power

Stress, pressure, uncertainty and disappointment.

These are some of the negative feelings and experiences we can come across while at work.

Do they sound familiar? Have you been there?

We probably all have.

But what happens around us are not the boss of us. We can all decide how we want to react to situations, circumstances and people around us. We can choose to not let it get to us. We can choose to not give away our power to those circumstances. We can decide to be ‘our own boss’ and make our own decisions about how we will think and feel and consequently how we will react and respond.

It’s completely within our own power to choose our response in the ‘moment of truth’

It’s completely within our own power to choose our response in the ‘moment of truth’, that split second in between when something happens (that could trigger us, and make us feel bad, if we let it) and when we need to respond.

So choose wisely. Don’t let yourself be a victim to circumstances. Don’t let it get to you. Stay in control and decide for yourself. Choose the response that will make you feel most in control, most authentic while also respectful to the situation. Just because someone you work with is stressed for example, you don’t have to be. You always have a choice. Don’t let things get to you – keep your power.

When we decide to be in control of our own reactions and responses, we become truly empowered and can more calmly and collectedly look at any situation and start to find constructive, helpful solutions for it.

So don’t let the stresses and pressures get to you. Instead, take a deep breath and trust that you can select your response at any time. You are in charge of you, you decide.

Future Leaders Blog - Mandy & elisabetAbout the authors:

Mandy Flint & Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, award-winning authors of ”The Team Formula” and ”Leading Teams – 10 Challenges: 10 Solutions”, published by Financial Times International and a practical tool for building winning teams. They are currently writing their third book about Leadership Imapct.

You can download a free chapter of “Leading Teams 10 Challenge 10 Solutions” here

Praise for ”Leading Teams”: This book is really, and literally, something else. Not the usual management fad. Instead, here is a manual with troubleshooting instructions within. I love that suggested solutions are taken down to what behaviours to display to make the solution come to life. The exemplifications of problems are spot on, and you can immediately recognize and relate to them. I and my team have worked a lot with creating team accountability and efficiency, and with the help of this manual we can continue to work with it on our own. My team members will get a copy as soon as the book is out”  Håkan Nyberg, Chief Executive Officer, Nordnet Bank

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