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Women could soon be allowed in combat roles in the army

indian woman in combat roles featured

indian woman in combat roles featuredWomen could soon be allowed in combat roles in the army, according to the Army’s chief general.

Bipin Rawat has said that the army is looking into women joining as military police jawans.

Rawat said, “I am looking at women coming as jawans.”

“I am going to start it soon.”

“Firstly, we will start with women as military police jawans.”

However, Rawat went on to say that the women who are eventually selected will have to show grit and strength to take up the various challenges thrown at them in combat roles.

Women are currently allowed to serve in certain areas of the army including medical, legal and engineering sectors. However, they are barred from serving in combat roles due to operational concerns and logistical issues.

Rawat went on to confirm that they had already started to recruit for these new roles. He said, “We have already started the process to recruit women for combat roles.”

Other Indian Armed Forces are also allowing more and more women into roles. Last year, three women were inducted as fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force. The Indian Navy is also considering having women on board ships. Women are already allowed to serve in logistics, legal, naval architecture and engineering departs within the Navy.

Around the world, there are currently very few countries that allow women in combat roles, including the UK, the US, Denmark, Germany, Canada and Israel, amongst others.

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