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The Phenomena of our life


You and I go through these phenomenon as we go through life each day. It amuses me and makes me wonder for it exists, we experience and then we move on with the humdrum of life!

The phenomena when you keep waiting for a few hours and reminders ago for the grocery store to deliver groceries and the doorbell rings just when you get into the shower.

Just when you decide to prepare your plate to heat lunch in the microwave- rings the phone to inform about the dry cleaner having reached to deliver your clothes.

And even better you decide its finally time to bathe after getting the mails and maids out of the way – is when there is courier delivery. That’s not it – you swiftly get dressed in your pyjamas and get to the door reluctantly to find  the address is incorrect.

You had been waiting to get connected to a client and the call is busy. The person returns the call just when you are in the elevator sandwiched among complete strangers or the basement where the signals can go off any moment as they please.

And when you wake to day with much clarity about the dress/ shirt that you want to wear to discover that the hemming or a button has come off.

You bought that dress cause it was classy and well hate to admit a little overpriced you think – to see a week hence is now on sale 2 and if that wasn’t enough of a blow- you haven’t worn that dress yet.

When you decide to give your handbag away for you haven’t used for 3 years and just when you give away – you pick up an outfit that would have matched wonderfully well with that very handbag.

Just when you thought you are going to have some me time on the pot – the landline rings incessantly urging you to give away your ‘me’ meditative time.

The day you wear a hair mask with that rugged tee on and you look like peanuts- the door bell rings to find you standing before a friend’s husband who is there to invite you to an event.

All along you had the perfectly manicured look and the day you are drab self with a bad hair day and happen walk straight into some high-end acquaintances at the coffee shop – mind you whom you never ever meet otherwise on a weekday. Or you get to work in a down time mode – because you have no clients to meet is exactly when your boss calls you to hop into the cab immediately for this urgent meeting.

Phones and signals have a mind of their own. There are days of tapping away on social media and killing time and full battery. The polar opposite is you are vying to get a single bar so you can revert to that urgent client mail while you are on the road or your phone battery drains out just when you were lined up for a conference call or a critical call with your dear one.

Here you are all ready and set for the dinner you are hosting at your home. The music is playing, the dishes are in the oven, the snacks are racked, the tea light candles are glowing, the aroma in the air is wafting and the air con is flawlessly reeling out cool air. But guess what the wait for the first set of guests itself is more than half hour past the time they were invited. And you are weary of the wait.

Consider just the opposite – it’s been one of crazy running errands back to back kind of days and one activity spilled into the other and so your timelines are awry. You barely reach home to shower and the doorbell rings – half an hour ahead of time. Our guests have arrived.

Just when the skyline has turned Gothic and Rain Gods have decided to pour their bounty – you are stuck in a serpentine and sluggish paced traffic at the farthest end of the city (for me Nariman point – Mumbai) to get to the airport. Takes an hour and forty-five minutes to finally get to the airport with prayers, constant phone calls, detours and even final straw – cab running out of fuel. And the time spent on road is precisely the time it takes for a Mumbai- Delhi flight. To your mighty surprise the airline that runs behind time has closed doors promptly just a minute ago and gently conveyed you aren’t going on that flight!!

Your home looks presentable and clean and just then when you are expecting stay over guests – you maid gets an uncanny epiphany of turning it into a sick leave day.

Just when you are dying for a traffic red light to not appear- almost every signal has a red light and you pray with your heart to still make it on time.

And when you are in no rush but would like to have a quick access or make a one phrase call to someone – it is green or turning green in 5 seconds all the way through.

The day when you have all the time to kill at a boring airport – there would be no waiting and swift check ins followed by swifter security check ups. And the day you are running with your heart in your mouth hoping against hope you make it to the flight- the line-ups would be trailing. And to add to that would be stiff security who has decided a line is a line and cannot to be dodged come what may- even if that means missing your flight.

The day you plan to get to your travel destination on time so you have some exciting things lined up with friends who live in another town- is when the flight will refuse to take off and reach on time.

Just when you park your bag at the elevator landing area in a tearing rush n punched the downward button to realise- your forgot your phone – and you zip through the house and at the back of your head you hear the lift door opening promptly to shut and rail down until you return to the lift.

And there are just the polar opposite days when you have it all in place and hemming and hawing at the elevator landing area- and the elevator is just about lazing at another floor. You hopefully look at the service lift – and the red sign stares at you with ellipsis – as if left to your mind to internalise ‘lift is out of order’

The day when you manage an Uber on time and reach the client space sans traffic – flying like a breeze to find the person who it matters to- you being not just on time but well ahead of time – is on leave. Surely a damper you think – for you could have caught a few winks

And my all-time favourite is all through you make a mental note to carry your umbrella in your bag for its Monsoon time. And there it is blazing sun with insignificant bits of pitter patter here and there. And then one fine day you decide to fling the umbrella to rest rather than lug around that extra weight. Is well you guessed it right – is the day of incessant downpour of cats and dogs.

Maybe it bogs down to live through those moments and you want out pull your hair out or just say ‘really is this happening’ with a tone of sarcasm. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans. There is a mystic side to it which no rationale can ever decipher. Maybe it’s in the connectedness of you and I going though these phenomenon that makes it a crazy ride. Ride on and am curious to know what phenomena have you experienced?

Like someone said, no phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon.

About the author

This article was provided by Payal Gandhi Hoon.

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