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Dreams are a collaboration between you and your Ecosystem

Shilpi-Singh-Blogger-thumbnailA good number of educated, smart women still feel chained by the lack of support as far as their homes and kids are concerned, and very often every such woman who is not working would give this reason for being a stay-at-home-mom. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being a stay-at-home-mom but let’s face the truth – that’s because of lack of their personal ambition rather than an ecosystem support.

So, who creates this Ecosystem for us? We are the ones responsible for creating an optimal ecosystem.

I am sharing a few tips which have worked for me over the past five years!

  1. Invest quality time with your family. Love your family; be helpful and available for them. They would be there when you need them the most.  You can trust no one more than the grannies of your kids. They have raised you and your partner, they would do a good job with your kids as well. They are the best day care and night care. And they will give you back the bandwidth to jump-start your dream.
  2. Be the friendly neighbourhood (spiderwoman:-). Maintaining a strong bond with your neighbours will give you peace of mind at work. If there is an emergency your neighbours would be the first to come to help. If suddenly you can’t be there for your child your neighbours can step up in a crisis. Be there and in return they will care.
  3. Be more caring to your domestic help. If you have help, treat your help with respect. Care for them, look after their families. Help them grow their skills, their self worth. Never make them feel like a piece of furniture in your house. Ever. They are your biggest support system. Treat them well and they will repay you far more than money can ever buy! In the nuclear families that we live in, this alone will give you the comfort and boost that you need for your business.
  4. Dream-image-womanTrain your family. Every member of the family should participate in managing the house. Even your three year old kid. It’s how you groom them to share responsibilities.  Small, but time-consuming chores if distributed can be managed without much stress. Each member should be accountable and responsible for their share of work whether it’s doing dishes or finishing homework or even running a full home-stay! My mother runs an entire six room home-stay in Banaras all by herself at age 65 and is a revenue earner for our small business!
  5. Be Open… They say, the mind is like a parachute..if it’s not open, it doesn’t work. Be open to change, new ideas, experimenting with old ideas, your lifestyle. What worked in the past is not the only way to work. Observe moms who can manage it well, learn from them and apply. Be a part of a support group. If there is none, don’t fret, start one!

Always remember, a good ecosystem is like renewable fuel for mompreneurs!

Follow the tips above, add some of your own and you could create your own successful ecosystem in no time!

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