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Essential oils for skincare | Gunjan Mittal

essential oils for skin careAll throughout my twenties, I would look for oil free products. I guess that is the time when your skin has the ability to heal and the requirements for the skin are also very different. As I entered my thirties, I started breaking out on and off which was never a case earlier. I searched everywhere till I started using olive oil as a cleanser and my skin started feeling better. Little did I know that avoidance of oil actually impaired my skins ability to heal. The right combinations of oils targeted for different skincare needs provide powerful properties to normalize oil production, reduce the signs of aging, and refine the skins texture. When blended according to skin type, natural oils do not cause oily skin or clog pores. Only when we use synthetic oils (like mineral oil) or some heavy (comedogenic) oils do we run into these problems.

Using a carrier oil (which is generally a plain oil) blending them with therapeutic essential oils creates moisturizers and targeted treatments that delivers the most potent form of nutrients directly to the skin. Without fillers like water and preservatives, the oils are quickly absorbed and go to work balancing the skin.
I generally apply oils during bed time only as I feel that it makes me look like oil factory during the day
Below are a few oils that are really good for your skin –

Carrot seed essential oil

Carrot seed essential oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It not only works to help smooth skin, but assists with cell regeneration. For this reason, it can help to fade scars and improve the tone of aging skin.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil, I think is an oil that is a must have! — It smells amazing, helps you relax and relive stress, and has great benefits for the skin. It helps regenerate skin cells so is great for mature skin, sun spots, and scarring. Another great oil for all skin types and needs.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is especially great for dry or aging skin. Researchers have found that it contains several therapeutic compounds known to promote healing, especially antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory compounds. As a result, rose essential oil helps refine skin texture and tone, and can be helpful with managing skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Interestingly, one study even found that inhaling rose essential oil inhibits water loss in the skin and lowers the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is one of the more well-known essential oils for acne-prone skin. Its antibacterial properties help ward off acne-causing bacteria. It also helps to regulate oil production, which can decrease the severity and incidence of breakouts.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is high in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which helps proper cell function and decrease inflammation. Because it’s such a rich emollient, avocado oil is ideal for those with dry, itchy, or aging skin.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

It contains omega-6 essential fatty acids and vitamins A and C, which work to increase cell turnover. It has retinol like effect on the skin. It works wonders on aging skin.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

The Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine and culture has historically used Sandalwood. It promotes healthy and smooth skin, reduces appearances of scars and blemishes.

Basic Moisturiser Formula

I want to share with you my basic formula for homemade moisturiser. It’s extremely simple.

Here’s the formula:

Start with 10-20 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil. So if I want to make a facial serum, I will usually start with 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil, then I will add 30 drops of my favorite facial oils.
Following this basic formula, you can use your favorite moisturising oil and add the best essential oils for your skin type. Try to incorporate this moisture in your daily bed time CTM (Cleaning Toning Moisturizing) regime as it has better effects when applied during night.
Feel free to mix them up and experiment!

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