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Putting Static Mind into Motion – Gaining Momentum in Life | Shilpi Singh

balls swinging

ballsThere were numerous theories and laws I came across in physics. One law which just stayed with me was, ‘Law of Inertia’. Put simply, it states that a body will remain at rest or in motion unless acted upon by an external and unbalanced force. Interpreted by me, if there is a momentum in what you are thinking or doing, imagine, no one has the power to stop it. You are in for a rolling innings!

Things look much simpler and easier when the action is happening because you are in the flow. However, what do you do when the initial inertia is static or you lose the momentum? I have personally experienced if I lose momentum I only go downhill till I hit rock bottom and there is no option but to change the state of inertia.

Hence, my preferred state of inertia is that of motion. What state of inertia is your mind currently in – static or motion? Do you find it difficult to set your mind in motion? How can we set it in motion and gain momentum?

I have had many coaching clients who come to me for coaching engagement but with a big BUT – ”I am not in any mood to set goals.” So what do I do as a coach because my job starts with setting goals? A deep breadth and a big pause. A step backwards to try and understand the state of inertia of mind.

Get Started
Positive Action Vs Positive Thinking.

This is for those who think positive, know what it is to think right and bright but still fail to convert thoughts into action. Spend just a few minutes carrying out the first part of whatever it is you are avoiding and suddenly you will feel a strong need to complete the task.

The Confident Pose

Sit straight, feel like a winner and adopt a power posture. Believe me, your mind will ask, what next? Works even better if you have a mirror

Get a new Dictionary

The new dictionary has no space for limiting or negative words. No can’ts and don’ts, just wills and cans. Change your vocabulary right now (Don’t rub off this piece saying it won’t work) and see how your mind swiftly changes into state of motion.

Seek a new COI

If you are still wondering what COI stands for, it’s Circle of Influence. Go out, seek people who are great influencers. You may find them next door, in the lane, on twitter or linked in. Don’t worry if your action has not begun, influencers will consciously or subconsciously lead you to action.
Just live for today. Make your commitment for the day. That’s it. Easy, simple and far from fear. I want to eat healthy today vs I have to eat healthy for next three months (read no junk, no non veg, no liquor). Currently, I am working on this..will report to you in a couple of months.

So folks, let me know if this works for you If it does, share and invite more to join the group.

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