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Changing Gears : Part 2 – Behavioural Trends 2016

Its been a long pause from my end. It just reinforces, if you stop doing something for a while, its difficult to restart.

Behavioural Trends 2016So, today I decided to come out of this Inertia of Rest and change gears for the new year.

With the end of the year passing by and the freshness of a new year setting in I always get flooded by a list of trends, travel trends, consumer trends, HR trends, fashion trends and so on and so forth. So, I decided to sit and reflect on  the behavioural trends which would map the aspects personal and professional success in year 2016.

1. Self-reliance: A shift from the mundane material things to a heightened sense of community awareness. Better living today means not having more material things, but rather living simply and finding real meaning and purpose.
2. Self –driven: Everybody drives their own chariot. Personal effectiveness will be determined by displaying a sense of strong ownership.
3. Empathy: Quality of leadership which needs to be honed and practiced today more than ever. With growing impatience to achieve more and achieve it fast, this would be a major distinguishing factor.
4. Mindfulness: A heightened sense of consciousness of what and why would set an individual apart from the rest and will bring a sustained effectiveness in actions taken
5. Equality & Inclusiveness: The growing awareness and need of having diversity in all walks of life makes it imperative to cultivate an inclusive behavior – acknowledging difference and showing respect.

So, Plan your behavioural output and be the best for 2016.

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