Shilpi Singh

Changing Gears : Part 2 – Behavioural Trends 2016

Its been a long pause from my end. It just reinforces, if you stop doing something for a while, its difficult to restart. So, today I decided to come out of this Inertia of Rest and change gears for the new year. With the end of the year passing by...
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The Power of ‘I’ | Shilpi Singh

I grew up in an altruistic environment where ‘I’ was not considered to be good. ‘I’ was equated with selfishness, lack of empathy and insensitivity towards others. I remember the first time I read The Fountainhead, I almost hated the author Ayn Rand. I found the protagonist full of everything...
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Don’t hang Up Your Boots!! Coach Shilpi’s Corner

Five steps to wade through tough times on your entrepreneurial journey. The whole world is celebrating. Why  am not I? Did I have to do this to myself? I was at least stable in my corporate job… When the going gets tough in an entrepreneur’s life, the mind gets cluttered...
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Time for Me | Coach Shilpi’s Corner

This one is specially for women blessed with the love and responsibility  of a family. I have always believed one can never have it all. So you have to  learn to choose and enjoy what you can and want to have. a quiet, relaxed cup of tea in my very own ‘me time’. It...
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Dreams are a collaboration between you and your Ecosystem

A good number of educated, smart women still feel chained by the lack of support as far as their homes and kids are concerned, and very often every such woman who is not working would give this reason for being a stay-at-home-mom. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being...
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