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Seven secrets to writing a CV employers can’t ignore

Building an impressive curriculum vitae or CV is important especially when you are aspiring to get the job you have always desired. Your CV serves as your ticket to secure an interview where you provide necessary facts and achievements about you in front of your possible, and in hopeful cases,...
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Air India to launch female-only seat sections

Air India has decided to launch female-only seats on domestic routes. The move comes after a number of women claimed to have been groped by male passengers during flights. The restriction will apply to the front row on economy flights and will be released for lone female travelers who do...
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Top nine CV writing tips for graduates

Whether you are a fresh graduate who is looking to land your first job or an experienced professional who is applying for a higher position, a well-written CV is a crucial tool that you have to focus on crafting into perfection in order to attract and convince hiring managers that...
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27-29/03/17: 6th Global Economic Summit | Mumbai

WeAreTheCity invites YOU to the 6th Edition of the Global Economic Summit focuses on Women’s Empowerment in the social and economic spheres.   The Summit: ‘Women Empowerment: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Capacity Building’ will discuss the achievements of women in diverse fields. The deliberations will include relevant issues pertaining to women...
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Culturama: January 2017

  Culturama January 2017: Here are the key picks- Usher in the New Year with this special issue of Culturama dedicated to the uniquely Indo-French Union Territory of India – Puducherry! Discover history, wellness, palette ticklers and more which epitomize the rich cultural heritage of this land. We invite you to...
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Role Negotiation May Help Boost High-Potential Women’s and Men’s Access to Hot Jobs

A new Catalyst report highlights high-potential Employees’ bids for satisfying and challenging roles benefit Individuals, leaders, and organisations   The persistent gender gap in access to “hot jobs”—those high visibility, mission-critical roles and international experiences—prompts the question: what can women do to maximize their access to these leadership development opportunities?...
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