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Women’s Day is nearly here! Gift your women colleagues a life changing experience!

Silver linings
Greetings from Silver Linings and Preeti! Silver linings

On the upcoming occasion of ‘Women’s Day’, here is an opportunity to gift your women colleagues a most unique and powerful motivation session, to get them to achieve their wildest of dreams; and stay forever on their own journey of unlimited professional and personal success!

Do read below for further details!


Celebrate and rekindle your personal power!

Let us celebrate our exclusive and beautiful qualities, our good fortune  that we are women and all that makes us what we are! Multi faceted, gentle yet firm, committed and flexible, talented and powerful; each one of us are all of these things and more! And, how many of us actually recognise this? We are too humble most of the time and more often than not, forget that we too are human and this wonderful world belongs to us, as much as to anyone else! We too need to continue to grow constantly, while we enjoy all exclusive gifts of womanhood!

This session comes with a liberal sprinkling of the special essence leant to this very unique session by my rich and diverse life experience, leading to a perceptible transformation in the attitude of the audience! Focus is kept upon handing over, to the participants, the art of self-motivation, reinforce as well as build up their self-belief, along with creating for them the strategy and tools to be able to implement existing knowledge; plus handhold them through their personal journey of stepping over fear of failure. Together we will once again rediscover our forgotten and hidden potential; while we invigorate ourselves to live life Queen Size!

It’s amazing how much of our potential simply remains underutilized, till something happens that pushes our limits.

And then, you hear about a grandmother lifting a car to save the life of her one and a half year old grandchild who managed to accidentally get under it!

In this very incredible session we help you to first discover, and then do away with, the unseen shackles that unconsciously bind you and hold you back from recognizing your own masked potential; and, thereafter to get you to use the same to actually excel beyond your own expectation! This programme teaches you to step away from the invisible stress within you, and embrace  positivity for good. Here  you  discover the magic  of how to use  the art of communication, to influence your clients, colleagues, friends and family to have them gladly work towards your advantage! And that is not all, the best part of this programme is; you get the opportunity to get on the path of success and, if you so choose, stay on it for life… and what is more… you can truly learn to enjoy every challenge life  throws your way! You in addition, get the opportunity to master the art of translating pressures and intimidating circumstances into stepping stones to achieve stunning victory every time!

You will too, discover how not to resort to excuses and blame games, at the onset of any untoward situation. Instead, you shall realise during the session, how simple it could be to transform challenges into possibilities and opportunities!

Lets come together to pave the way to an enthusiastic and invigorating professional environment and a rejuvenated you, dawned with mutual respect, trust and comradeship. Thereby, imbibing and reinforcing the practice of discipline and commitment as you continue to grow professionally and personally.

A time to introspect and explore potential, become exceedingly positive, vibrant and a highly effective professional!

Please do note that a chance of providing any of our above mentioned services to your organisation, will go a long way towards helping the Silver Linings foundation to light up lives of those who at the moment grope in the darkness of mortification and hopelessness!

Just for your information, my autobiography, ‘The Other Senses’ has recently been published by ‘Roli Books’ and is now available.

With warm regards


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