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Women in the City

Set up in 2003 by Gwen Rhys, Women in the City has developed organically to become an organization that promotes, recognizes and rewards female talent. Its Woman of Achievement Award recognizes senior and partner level women who are actively supporting the progress of females in their organization and sector whilst...
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Women in Banking & Finance (WIBF)

Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) provides a forum for women in the financial services industry to meet, share experiences and to develop themselves both personally and professionally. WIBF is solution orientated, offering advice to corporations and offering individuals the tools with which to fulfill individual potential in and out...
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Women in Technology

Maggie Berry started Womenintechnology in 2005 and still continues to head up the Network.  Womenintechnology is a network aimed at women working in or who are interested in getting into technology.  Likewise, if you are a company looking to attract, recruit and retain more women into your technology teams, then...
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European Professional Women's Network (EPWN)

The European Professional Women’s Network is a vibrant pan-European federation of city-based women’s networks. We are currently represented in over 20 cities and 14 countries. We have over 3500 members across Europe and our members represent over 90 nationalities. We are comprised of women across all levels and all industries...
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Age Discrimination- Your Rights

We asked Henry Doswell, Solicitor at ThomasMansfield Employment Law Specialists to provide our members with a summary of employment law in respect to Age Discrimination. Age Discrimination – Know Your Rights With age discrimination back in the public eye following television presenter, Selina Scott’s claim against Channel Five for reneging...
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Employment Rights for Temp Staff

 We asked leading Employment Law solicitors  Thomas Mansfield to provide our members with a summary of employment law for temps/agency workers. Agency workers (often referred to as “temps”) are hired from employment businesses (known as agencies) who supply them on assignments to work for a company. The worker will be...
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CV Power Words

We asked the experts about Power Words for CV’s Power words give positive influence to those who read them and demonstrates directness which is why we need them in our CVs.  We have chosen a few of these words and have included them in our CVs to replace similar words...
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