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Inspirational Woman: Ritu Bhagat | Director – PR and Communications, FusionLife

Having made her mark in the diverse worlds of television, stage compering and advertising, Ritu Bhagat chose to focus on her love for teaching English to school students.

Ritu BhagatToday she runs the Ritu Bhagat’s English Academy where she conducts diction and aca- demic classes. She is also Director – PR & Communication with FusionLife, a fashion and lifestyle magazine.

‘Plain paper has no value but if you write on it, it becomes a document. Life is same you have to decide which kind of document you want to make your life.”

Anyone’s life journey is all about trials, struggles, and triumphs. Ritu’s life journey is no different.

Tell us about yourself

My father is a retired sessions judge and my mother was a senior bank officer at the State Bank of India, who laid great emphasis on education. I consider myself very fortunate and have gratitude to have been blessed with such parents who always inspired and motivated me to excel in my studies. Surrounded by working women like my mother and my aunts, I grew up believing in women empowerment and the importance of being self-dependent. As a child, I just wanted to finish my studies as soon as possible and take up a good job and be able to stand on my own feet.

Ritu BhagatWhat was turning point in your life 

When I was Looking to advance my career, I did my post- graduation in Broadcasting Arts from YWCA, New Delhi. I also decided to complete my post-graduation in English. I remember when I was in the final year of M.A.,the Principal of the Holy Child Convent School asked the H.O.D. of the English department of my college to recommend the name of his best student who could teach students of Class 12. The HOD recommended my name. I was quite stunned at this opportunity as I was barely out of college myself

And now I was teaching 17-year-olds of a prestigious school. I still have the letter of recommendation and treasure it as a precious gem.

What do you think are your achievements

Ritu BhagatAlong with teaching,I continued my work at Doordarshan; I started presenting television programmes that were aimed at the youth. These programmes like Yatra, Delhi Aur Aas Paas, Quiz Time were popular amongst all and with these programmes, the people also started to recognize me. I used to take my students as participants for the Quiz Show.

My initial association with start-ups helped me understand the dynamics of entrepreneurship and the skills needed for successful business operations. Being an educationist, I understood the need for English Workshops for students and that’s how I decided to start own venture as RituBhagat’s English Academy.

For the past 15 years, I have been conducting my workshops. My students are from various prestigious schools like Modern School (Barakhamba Road), DPS (R.K.Puram branch), Montfort, Convent of Jesus & Mary, and St.Thomas School amongst others. My students have given me fantastic results too scoring from 80 percent to 95 percent.

Ritu BhagatHow did you evolve as a writer 

Alongwith the classes, I started writing regularly for the Teenage Digest and also contributed to a magazine, FusionLife, a lifestyle magazine. (Today Ritu is the Director – PR & Communication at Fusion Life magazine.)

For a brief period, I started a club for women, where I organized workshops on grooming and image enhancement. These workshops turned out to be quite successful and I invited eminent personalities to the workshop.

Not just that as life is a continuous learning path i did many short- term courses few amongst them were course in media by Ms. Sheila Chaman, the erstwhile DD newsreader and has recently attended workshops on Communication Skills by Ms. Simran Bhargava, the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine.

“What takes us back to the past are memories, what brings us forward are our dreams.” This is what i feel.

What are your current commitments and involvements 

Ritu BhagatPresently, I am focusing on Power Vocabulary Course. My extensive experience of teaching English to various school students has prompted me to design this innovative and creative course. The course focuses on building an advanced vocabulary and contains writing and speaking components that challenge students to use the new words in their own sentences, thus encouraging them to use these new words in their own active vocabulary.

I feel that a strong vocabulary gives tools to say and write exactly what one means. A good vocabulary

makes a person sound smarter, feel more assured and guarantees that he or she will be a better writer and speaker. The larger the vocabulary, the more clearly a person can communicate with others and understand what others are trying to communicate to them. The USP of the course is the use of interactive activities based on current affairs, films reviews, blogs, and others.

“Your Positive Action Combined with Positive Thinking Results in Success.”

I feel positive about the utility and impact of her vocabulary enrichment course and its contribution to improving people’s lives.

On a personal note, this success could not have been possible without the support of my parents, my husband, my son, my friends, and my mentors. The one person without, she describes as ‘the wind beneath her wings’ is her husband, Sanjay Bhagat, Director at Nokia and her son, Sushant, whom she personally taught English till he completed school and who is passionate about making a mark in the field of media.

Ritu Bhagat“Don’t think of the things you didn’t get after praying. Think of the countless blessings, God gave you without asking”

At present I am writing a book on English Language  for media students and Senior & Secondary Students in association withDr. Sandeep Marwah of Marwah Studios

Not just that she is Brand Ambassador of Salma Sultan (former News Reader) mam’s label SareeSanskriti.

Humbled and Honoured to be the speaker for an event organised on Women’s Day by BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Women  of Substance at Fore School of Management and much much more to go. I just wish i keep evolving with time and work as much as i can to my hearts content.

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