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Inspirational Woman: Priti Srivastava | Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd

Priti Srivastava featured

Priti SrivatavaPriti has a worthy and memorable journey spanning over 3 decades with countless professional milestones arrived at by incorporating utmost humility & integrity.

A multifaceted person, she carries a degree in English literature from Lady Shri Ram College and is a post grad in Public Relations and Marketing.

She has worked on International and National projects with illustrious groups like Business India, Tata’s and Nortel (a US Bell company).

Currently she is Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs at RIL and holds additional charge as Head of Regulatory Operations for Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. Having spent 22 years with RIL, the list of her achievements is long. She has lead large projects with core competency in creating a viable and sustainable business strategy with focus on policy and regulation. From Telecom to Oil and Gas to Retail to Sports to Sustainability. Priti is a respectable name in the government corridors.

A motivational speaker, writer and a counsellor who communicates with a single point agenda of propelling people to reach to their goals by providing them with the required guidance that would dispel their doubts and fears on their way to success. Her love for raw rocks has made her to create ‘OMSOUL’- a new way of life celebrating nature and Self.

Priti has been happily married for 34 years to Ashok Srivastava, a social entrepreneur who works on Women empowerment and skill development and they have a daughter, Mehak who is a communication professional.

Tell us about any initiatives- professional or personal you wish to promote:

Professionally, Jio project has been quite challenging and was a great team effort. But personally I always wanted to do something different, something related to nature. Something which is self-sustainable and which helps society. So along with my job, I did a five-year research on Rocks which inspired me to create OMSOUL, a spiritual lifestyle brand that aims to help people live a life more connected with nature, on the outside and within. The purpose is to promote raw rocks in their natural form, handcrafting some to enhance their aesthetics and customizing as per individual needs

Inspired by nature, I believe in giving back and nurturing the community that gives us so much. A part of the proceeds are donated to Navratan Gyanpeeth Slum School. Components of the packaging are all created by especially abled children.

So when someone buys a product from Omsoul, in return somewhere you have helped make someone else’s life better too and that is a wonderful feeling.

 What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

I started working in the Mid-eighties, when very few women opted for full time jobs, and that too in hard core Sales. It was not easy but   with confidence and support from my husband and family, I was able to overcome all the challenges. I have always lead by example and strongly believe that If you focus only on how to do your job well, success is assured. All this helped me to standout in an industry which traditionally was thought to be dominated by men.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

I would say being able to successfully balance personal and professional Life. As a woman, I am gifted to be a multitasker and I am happy that I was able to perfectly balance work and home. I have a joint family, my work schedules are normally tight and initially involved travel too but looking back it gives me great satisfaction, that I have successful played both roles well.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I would have been a housewife.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My husband who is my backbone. He has always been very supportive and he has shared the load in life with me. The world calls me EMPOWERED. Actually, he deserves to be appauled for giving me the space and freedom to be what I am today. He is an accomplished social worker, working for the cause of women empowerment and education in slums.  He always says, ‘’ Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits’’.

What does the future hold for you?

My plate is full for next 10 years. Three active professional years ahead with priorities clearly laid out at RIL.

And then, I want to work in the social sector and livelihood creation, as I believe that we must give back the society, to nature and to the people who need help.

I also want to support my husband’s NGO, Navratan Foundations and expand its reach.

Further, I also will do freelance counselling and try to help people tide over their problems by giving them practical solutions under OMSOUL.

So the list is long…. and miles to go before I sleep.

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