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Losing, not such a bad thing

0 You know what it is like with sports – you see overjoyed faces of those that won mixed with the disappointed look of those that didn’t quite get there. There’s something very immediate about sports, it’s then and there. Years and years of hard work comes together in that...
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The Power of a Generous Team

0 You. Yes, absolutely you. You can influence the teamwork in your team. Working as part of team is the reality for all of us, but all too often there are roadblocks to that teamwork, ranging from lack of communication to clashing personalities. These can all get in the way...
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Inspirational Woman: Lakshmi Kumar | Founder Director & Inter-Cultural Consultant of The Orchid School, Pune & Sweden-India Project

1 Ms. Lakshmi Kumar is the Founder Director of The Orchid School, Pune. Her expertise spans from establishing quality schools, building teams, developing educational processes and initiating best practices – for both school and higher education. She is the Director of Pradnya Niketan Education Society, which runs  – The Orchid...
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