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Women and Entrepreneurial Quotient | Payal Gandhi Hoon

quotient-women-IndiaIt is indeed a considerable step not just in her thinking but also for her identity. For here it is all about carving a brand new identity – a way of realising her true potential and the value that she can add to this world through her unique skill or talent. But even for a woman in today’s time and era, her innate nature, or more so debatably the residue of sociological construct, she questions her motives in putting her abilities out there.

The fallout of such is even though she is a bundle of ideas and talents, she is unsure of either them not being worthy enough to shout about, but simply is yet to find the reins around the process of doing so.

A woman has become an all encompassing entity with expanding abilities

In most instances, apart from establishing an identity and for financial reasons, the decision to start her venture is out of establishing a work life balance. A woman has become an all encompassing entity with expanding abilities; of not just taking care of the microcosm of the society – her family, but playing the societal roles and also now a fully-fledged professional role. And she is not in any way absolved of her traditional responsibilities. This qualifies as reason enough for her to bring her talents to reality while playing out the myriad roles, especially in the Indian context.

The force of establishing equilibrium in her life prompts her to take the step out of and to seek a comfort zone.  Her challenge really now is how to go about setting up her own business, the brand, the reach, a business proposal, the invoice to raised, the contracts and agreements to be done with clients or other terms and conditions to manage. It really is the fear of the unknown and the steep learning curve that is to follow.

Intrinsically for a woman it isn’t as natural an instinct to go and sell her talent; for she reads it be a natural and “why make a big deal about it…”, “anyone can do this and how can I charge so much for it?” This in most cases translates in much talent and skill not reaching the target group or going unrecognised or under paid. Is this really to do with women’s self perception?

Does selling or developing your business, amount to be not being good enough and hence the need to trumpet it all. Or is sheer self concept of a woman to be born with talents and selflessly give them out in an unconditional way in the world?

Also yet another point to ponder is her wanting to expand her network which in doing so has time and context limits. Unlike with men who network over drinks, dinner at a club or a pub have any such meet to develop prospects. For a woman to balance it all with her home responsibilities to also the context of meet; it is all together another ball game.
Probably here the solution really lies in being engaged in networking events, business groups and business meets.

This only calls for a growing need and trend is for women to be able to reach out to real-time unbiased confidants, coaches and mentors who can clear the fog, rewire the self concept and enable the path for them to see the road to their true purpose. The question is ‘Do you have one….’?

You can visit Payal’s website at www.tamarainlp.com to know more about her work.

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