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From Emotional Quotient to Spiritual Quotient – embracing life at its fullest | Veechi Shahi

Veechi Shahi

Veechi Shahi Take a moment and close your eyes. Sit as you are, where you are and simply listen to your breathing, hear your heart beat and just be.

You will experience how slowly, gently, naturally a space starts emerging in the midst of many thoughts and your restless body mind. As you continue to observe within, this sweet and fragile space begins to expand. This space is filled with light, calm, silence and integration. Continue witnessing for a minimum of 15 minutes.

It was around the mid-1990s that IQ – the supreme cognitive and rational intelligence – made way for Emotional Quotient (EQ). Our emotions and those of others around us were critical to creating a tolerant, inclusive and caring community. Today, as we begin to look inwards and seek more wholesome ways to live life to the fullest, a new quotient is emerging – Spiritual Quotient (SQ) or the ultimate intelligence that takes us closer to the real meaning and value of life. It is the fuel that takes us from the practical to the spiritual, from darkness to light and from finite to infinite. According to Dana Zohar, “Spiritual intelligence is the human need and talent for finding meaning in experience”. The question is, are we as Indians ready for it?

India: a confluence of opposites

I see India as two nations, one which is deeply in touch with its spiritual core and ready to take the leap of faith at any given moment. The other India however, is still entangled in the vicious web of beliefs, notions, judgments and culture conditioning. “Is it right? Is it acceptable? Does it conform to our roles in society? Is it worth the effort?” This India is closed and does not believe in sharing and discovering. The average man’s work stress is perhaps released on a wife and child at home. A working mother may perhaps let off some unexpected steam on a junior colleague or domestic help. This India is more distant from SQ than it can ever be. The need of the hour is to first unlearn life and then find the possibilities of SQ.

Getting down to the basics of living life

Managing emotions and being mindful is the core of transformation work here, with anger management forming a critical dimension of it. It is all about taking charge – knowing more about the root of anger and learning how to manage it. Little wonder then, that ‘Scream and Shout’ is one of the best-received sessions in anger management sessions. It is about opening up to the opportunity of knowing more about recurring situations in your life that make you angry. There are a host of processes that can guide people to cope better. These include awareness and relaxation sessions, centering and self-knowing techniques, breathing methods, family constellation, de-conditioning processes and mind mastery exercises. This begins blooming one into the person they’re meant to be, where the awareness of SQ naturally comes in, not as an external learning, but a seamless process of imbibing it as a way of life – because that is how we are naturally meant to be.

An awakened life bursting with possibilities

Veechi ShahiSQ opens up the mind, heart and soul to create:

  • A simpler thought process that cultivates flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability and capacity to face, accept and transcend pain and suffering
  • A deeper vision of life pursuing ‘Self Actualisation Needs’
  • Better inter-personal relationships
  • Creating a holistic life style filled with learning, sharing and celebration
  • Courage to create and follow your profession passionately
  • Detachment from ego and judging mind
  • From ordinary to EXTRA–ordinary
  • Practice self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Truly embracing compassion, equality and empathy
  • Wisdom to honour and respect life in everything

Through regular self-management practice, Veechi not only helps stave off the negative effects of stress, but also ushers in positive outcomes like increased productivity, better health, a higher Spiritual Quotient and a greater, deeper and more enduring happiness. www.anewleaf.in is Veechi’s website for life and wellness coaching.

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