Food for glowing skin

Food for glowing skin (F)

Glowing, radiant, dewy, luminous skin is always in fashion and faces that require zero foundation must depend on something other than good genes and effective products.

I believe that beauty is inside out and what you eat reflects on your skin! You can try the most expensive skincare but it will be in vain if you are not taking care of your diet and nutrition. A balanced diet not only helps you stay fit but also makes sure that your skin stays healthy and radiant.

What you eat provides the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body uses to make your skin radiant and healthy. If you crash diet or eat processed food, your body will not be able take care of the skin.

These tips are something that I personally abide to for a good skin.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar - Nutrition

Who doesn’t love a doughnut or a cupcake or all amazing Indian sweets? Sugar quickly get into your bloodstream which spikes the Insulin levels. This causes acne, pimples and even wrinkles. Reduce refine sugar and instead eat fruits for sugar needs in the body.


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Tomatoes contain huge amount of Lycopene which helps prevent dun damage. It is better to cook tomatoes and eat as Lycopene which is a potent antioxidant works best when cooked. So have homemade tomato soups, include tomato in your gravies and sauces.

Dried Apricots

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Have you ever noticed that your skin looks dull during winters? That’s because as the temperature falls our metabolism slows down and so does our skin’s natural exfoliation process; which causes the skin to look dull and also a dull-looking complexion. Apricots have a good dose of Vitamin A which plays and important role in promoting the growth of new and healthy cells.


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Cucumbers are made of 96% of water. We all know the importance of hydration for a beautiful skin. Cucumber also has silica which helps the body in producing hyaluronic acid. This compound helps cells to retain moisture for a fresher and plump.


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Walnuts are a pack of alpha-linolenic-acid (ALA) which is an omega-3 fatty acid that must have soft skin. Fatty acids help reduce water & nutrient loss from the skin. It also helps prevent inflammation.


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Freshly ground coffee is full of antioxidants, polyphenols (a micro nutrient that helps repair sun damage such as dark spots etc), so go ahead enjoy your morning cup of coffee!!!


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We all know that oranges are a store house of Vitamin C, what is not so commonly known about oranges is that it is also full of wrinkle-fighting agent called Collagen. Eating this fruit regularly might just save all the expensive skin care!


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Chicken is something that all meat lovers love! It’s a staple poultry! This meat contains a lot of zinc and selenium. These two minerals increase the collagen production and help in maintaining a good hormonal balance, which reduces those nasty period breakouts!

Once you start incorporating these changes in your diet, don’t expect that your skin will change overnight; for all good things you need patience. It takes 6 to 7 weeks for new skin to emerge to the surface and so you will see results only in around 2 months. Also, to see results you should be consistent and ensure that you keep up with your new diet for a few months. If your problems persist you should consult your doctor.

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