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Window to my World | Vimla Patil

PeacockWhy do we want to know what we want to know?

This question has been asked by many learned people through the centuries. The only satisfactory answer they have all given is that knowledge enriches us in a unique manner and makes us rooted human beings who understand many cultures and their expressions through the ages.

www.vimlapatil.com Window to my World is a unique website and blog that fulfils our endless search to become enriched human beings. Knowledge has become ‘heavy’ word today. Knowledge for purely enriching our lives is no longer an urgent priority in this age of instant satisfaction of desires! But truly, many world cultures are fascinating and explain why we are the way we are today. This is certainly so in India – one of the oldest civilizations in the world! Enjoying the vignettes of India’s magnificent history, culture, travel, archeology, art, sculpture, nature, wildlife, music and dance – offers incredible joy to us.

This website is my effort to be the link between the scholar/researcher and civil society, so that even in our frenzied, busy lives, we can enjoy the incomparable beauty of this incredible treasure! It is aimed at all curious people who want ‘to know’!

Welcome to the Window to my World – www.vimlapatil.com

Featured on Vimla Patil’s site, the peacock image is India’s national bird and represents the multi faceted culture of this country. 

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