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Redefining Mental Health Services in India | Dr Bhavi Mody

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Edupsyche is a pioneer organisation for mental health that aims to remould, redefine and refine mental health services in India.

MentagramWe have been relentlessly working to educate, evolve and empower individuals. With over two decades of clinical experience in training, teaching and research, we intend to change the way mental health is looked at in India.

  • 06% of health budget is allocated to mental health
  • One in ten Indians is depressed
  • Four in ten corporate employees suffer from stress, anxiety or depression
  • 14 to 37% of the working population have mental health disorders
  • 7% senior citizens have depression

India has the maximum number of suicide rates in the world, especially among teen and adolescent. India has a rate as high as 148/100000 compared to 14.5/100000 globally.

We come from the mental health domain and feel the pain for the patients and their families. Even in those taking treatment we see a dropout rate of 30-50% due to varied reasons like difficulty in reaching out to a professional, time constrain commuting issues and not to mention the stigma.


We thus came up with Mentagram to address these pain points and to build a platform to connect mental health professionals with clients on a discreet, confidential, convenient, non-threatening platform.

We are looking to make emotional and mental well being available, accessible and affordable to all.

If these issues are addressed well in time we could reduce the Daily, Adjusted Life Years (DALY) of an individual increasing their productivity. This would mean creating more productive and happy individuals and nation.

Mentagram is a unique and disruptive mental health platform. It will make people more proactive than reactive to mental health by providing predictive information, adequate access, self-evaluation and monitoring. This gateway will transform people’s attitude towards mental health by bringing science to a field clouded by misconceptions.

MentagramIt is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for complete mental health care.

The app on the phone gives users the privacy and convenience of taking a consultation from wherever they wish. This may help reduce the stigma attached to treating mental health issues. Mentagram intends to create awareness and de-stigmatise mental illness.

It provides:

  • Accurate and scientific information
  • Video/ Phone/ Chat consultation with Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Psychologists
  • Psychological assessment on the portal itself
  • Career guidance and counselling
  • Medicines delivered

We launched our mobile app Mentagram on Google playstore on 15 April 2016.

Link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mentagram

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