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Gender budget has increased by 18 per cent

Indian money

Indian money, gender budget

India’s gender budget has increased by 18 per cent, accounting for 5.2 per cent of the government’s total spending for 2017-2018.

In the union budget announced on 1 February, the amount spent on women-related projects had risen from Rs 96,331 crore ($14.4 billion) in 2016-2017, to Rs 113,326 crore ($17 billion) in 2017-2018.

Recent statistics show that only 27 per cent of Indian women are currently working, whilst every 1,403 women to 1,000 men have never attended any form of schooling.

India is currently ranked 87th in the Global Gender Gap Index for 2016, released by the World Economic Forum.

In a statement about the gender budget, the Ministry of Women and Child Development said, “The rationale for gender budgeting arises from the recognition of the fact that national budgets impact men and women differently through the pattern of resource allocation.”

“Women constitute 48 per cent of India’s population, but they lag behind men on many social indicators like health, education and economic opportunities.”

“Hence, they warrant special attention due to their vulnerability and lack of access to resources.”

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