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Go on – Assert Yourself | Tatvã Femme

SpeakingAssertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive.

We want to address newly promoted managers, the recently transferred bosses, and yes some of you veteran ladies out there also. We know there is a certain hesitation to setting the ground rules, designing deadlines and in general just pulling your team up to match your expectations.

We cannot expect a smooth ride and invariably we find ourselves in a less than desired situation – that of making an order sound like a request yet not a plea.

Assertive communication is important to convey one’s thoughts with clarity and purpose; without being judgemental or biased about other opinions.

Assertiveness is a magical balance of being confident, having an abundance of goodwill, exhibiting tact, being respectful and finally creating win: win: win solutions.

All this requires two elements – the process and the delivery. The five steps below will help in the process:

Step 1: Acknowledge the other person’s viewpoint and feelings

Step 2: Describe the situation as you see it (show examples, data, specifications), avoid judgments, arguments and inferences

Step 3: Show the consequences

Step 4: Express feelings

Step 5: Describe specifically what you want

Assertiveness is a SKILL: practice will make you perfect. Go ahead and have assertive conversations which make you and the other person feel great!

The video below is a great guide on the delivery and non verbal aspects.
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Tatva is a leadership development company focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, executive coaching and leadership development. The company’s focus is on developing the women’s leadership pipeline within organisations. Aligning to its name, Tatvã – a Sanskrit word which means the core / essence – the company’s offerings are wholistic, integrating the different polarities of life.

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