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The Power of a Generous Team



Yes, absolutely you.

You can influence the teamwork in your team.


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Working as part of team is the reality for all of us, but all too often there are roadblocks to that teamwork, ranging from lack of communication to clashing personalities. These can all get in the way of the many benefits of teamwork.

When this happens, leaders AND team members need to get things back on track and create an environment and atmosphere where collaboration thrives and positive results can be achieved.

Roadblocks to teamwork

Why is an effective teamwork strategy so difficult to create and manage?

The main reasons are that some organizations don’t encourage it; personality differences exist; there’s not enough trust between colleagues, some people don’t see the relevance of teamwork and just want to focus on their job; negative first impressions have been formed and can’t be overcome; and egos get in the way of people connecting with each another.

And that lack of teamwork can result in severe consequences for an organization. When people don’t know or trust each other, they become hesitant or unwilling to work together, making it difficult to perform even the simplest of tasks.

Creating generous teamwork

Many people feel that knowledge is power and are therefore reluctant to share what they know with others. But the very best teams are the complete opposite of that. They know that generous sharing grows the power of the team and hence what they can achieve together, for their organization, for their society.

Transparency is quickly becoming the norm in business and the expectations of transparency are growing, Even if you think you have a reasonable level of openness in your organization, you need to strive for more. Share more, learn more from each other, encourage a more creative work dialogue. What can you do right now to help make this a reality?

So whether you are the leader of the team or not, you influence the people around you so you can have a big impact on the team you work in. Think about what you could be sharing that would be for the greater good of the team, the organization and beyond. Imagine what you could all make happen together!

Please share your experience of teamwork below. What are your top tips for great teamwork and generous sharing? Thanks

About the authors:

Mandy Flint & Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, award-winning authors of ”The Team Formula”.

Their latest book, multi-award-winning ”Leading Teams – 10 Challenges: 10 Solutions”, published by Financial Times International is a practical tool for building winning teams. You can download a free chapter of the book at www.leadingteamsbook.com

Praise for ”Leading Teams: ”Enjoyable to read. Simple to understand. Practical to implement. A must read for team members or leadersDebbie Fogel-Monnissen, Executive Vice President, International Markets Finance Officer, Mastercard, NY, USA

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