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Giving Back: Sumita Dass | Founder & President, Life of Vision Foundation

Giving Back-Sumita Dass

Tell us about yourself and your background

Coming from a family of educationist, finding my calling wasn’t tough. Often, our genuine passions emerge in childhood and after observing my mom and sisters, I too made my career in the education sector.

Sumita Dass presenting Painting to Dr Sonal Mansingh ji

As an educationist and mentor in a multicultural, professional setting in UK and India for 20 years, my journey has been long. An alumni of Convent of Jesus and Mary and a post-graduate in Education, along with M.Sc. Leadership and Management from Sheffield Hallam University UK on the Professional Development Program for Leaders, has been a good encouragement in my career.

I began my career as a teacher, progressing to headmistress and then to Education Coordinator for UN programmes for Sheffield Council UK for Children & Young People’s Inclusion and Learning Services/EMTAS Gateway Refugee Resettlement Programme.

To nurture my spirit further, I am involved in social causes my small ways of contributing back to the society. Among my greatest strengths, has been my ability to build relationships, effective communication and interpersonal skills, which assist me in organizing and leading seminars for women and youth development, cancer awareness campaigns, planning developing performance, developing welfare programs, identifying training needs and conducting trainings.

In the past five years, I have been felicitated on numerous occasions such as the 8th National Women Excellence Award honoured in 2015 by NEC Ministry of DoNER, Government of India, IECSME on the occasion of International Day Of Elimination of Violence Against Women; the 18th Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award; a Universal Humanity Award in 2013 and 2014 by South African High Commission on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day.

Tell us a little about your organization

Life of Vision FoundationLife of Vision Foundation is a non-profit organization, created last year after years of involvement in various causes. We are presently organizing a number of social cause events such as Health for Life and Women Empowerment Programs. In the sphere of art and culture, we work as a catalyst to boost visibility and promotion of work through events, exhibitions and shows; to encourage imminent and eminent artists and promote their artwork to help them develop their artistic professional practice. Our goal is to increase opportunities for professionals and artists that will lead to greater inclusion. We depend on volunteers, grants, and donations to keep afloat.

When was the organisation established?

Years of extensive experience in education and working for various social causes and cancer awareness campaigns in UK for Sheffield Council, AIMS Hospital and Rotary Mentoring, have given me exposure to the various facets of social responsibility and development. Life of Vision Foundation was established in July 2015 to provide a new self-awareness to lead life with purpose, passion and integrity.

Which cities are you operating from?

Life of Vision Foundation feels fortunate to operate from Delhi NCR in organizing educational and social awareness campaigns including Health for Life at Kailash Hospital Noida; exhibiting artwork of artists from the North East in September 2015 at Ethiopian Cultural Centre with the blessings of Dr. Sonal Mansingh ji, Padam Vibhushan Founder-President, Centre for Indian Classical Dances. In February this year, we also organized cultural programs featuring music, dances and fashions of the North East to showcase the myriad shades of artistic and cultural heritage. We are looking forward to its promotion in Rajasthan and Punjab in the near future.

Why was the organisation set up? / What prompted you / the founders to set up the organisation?

Prior to setting up the NGO, I’ve had opportunities to work on a wide range of social cause programmes, along with my professional duties, where I have had maximum involvement over the years as a volunteer and a benefactor for various countries. I’ve had the privilege of working with families from Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia as a UN Coordinator, dealing with real life situations. However, my passion to support women issues or youth development programs were suppressed by the real life pressures of my professional life, and hence I took the strong decision to quit my job and form this NGO.

What’s your involvement / How did you get involved?

As the founder of an NGO, I always feel that my personal passion lies towards empowering adults and youth respectively. The organization is set up to keep the importance of education and culture as two basic features in our personal and social lives. The physical environment in which we live requires skills and knowledge that can be imparted efficiently only through education and awareness.

What is the mission of the organisation?

Life of Vision Foundation, a company registered under Section 25 of the Companies’ Act, is committed to sustainable development and inclusive growth by focusing on issues relating to environment healthy living and social advance so that it can contribute to a strong and resolute India enabling the common man to better his or her life.

Short-term goals?

Our mission is to support and guide people to make wise choices as they navigate the unique pressures of life. Our role involves bringing together communities, survivors and those who have been touched by various issues with events and programs aimed at raising awareness.

Long-term goals?

My vision is to create a society where people are integrally empowered to usher in sustainable development, for the improvement of their life. As a secular organization focusing on socio-economic change and also creating the environment in which every individual enjoys rights to survival, development, protection, participation and a happy environment

Are you currently running any special initiatives?

Sumita Dass collectionLife of Vision Foundation is organising Festival of Art, Culture, Food, and Music & Dance in 2016 to showcase the myriad shades of the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Amazing Northeast. Northeast has always been known for its resplendent ethnic designs along with contemporary fusion of art. We showcase and create programs in Delhi and other metros a platform to bring north-eastern tribal accessories, fabric and fine artisanship to the market and to the world by fusing rich traditions with contemporary elements.
Our most recent event was entitled, ‘Reviving Manipur’s, a cultural evening of north-east artists, dances and fashion shows from different states of Northeast. A unique blend of music and traditional dances to showcase the myriad shades of our rich artistic work having unique capacities to touch people’s hearts It was an amalgamation of Innovative and exquisite pieces of music from Manipur, Assam and Tripura saluting the artistic achievements of the artists while also focusing attention on our support through this event.

Our next event, in pursuit of our objective, will be a talk show on creating platforms for Northeast Artists via the medium of music, art and culture along with fusion dances form by Northeast Artists, Dancers & presenters. This will help to increase visibility, marketability and promotion of Artistes with varied interest and skills an encouragement to do more creative work thus saving these dying art forms. A platform for advocacy of social issues via the medium of varied forms of art & culture. Spread the message of Peace and Harmony across cities via the creative medium.

How do you fundraise?

The success of any event is credited largely to the sponsors who lend their names and support. Being a new NGO this is the most difficult task when planning such programs. It takes a lot of effort to convince organisations and people to participate in these events as a sponsor and secure in the knowledge that part of their contribution is used to raise awareness amongst the niche regarding Northeast art and culture. We make efforts that the reach and target, brings a wholesome bunch of niche audience for their brand’s image. Our efforts are to create an appropriate forum for the corporate brands and communities to attain the utmost branding and marketing for them in the society and media providing an opportunity to fulfil their CSR as well.

How can others help?

We depend on volunteers, grants, and donations to keep it afloat. May I take this opportunity to cordially request organizations and people to participate and associate with our cause? Follow us on our Facebook page and our website. We look forward towards your favorable support in this noble endeavor.

Contacting Sumita Dass

Email Sumita or Email Life of Vision Foundation

Phone number – 8802353939

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