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Giving Back: Malini Lalit Bansal | Founder Chairperson of Aasmaa Foundation

By profession, I am a spiritual Counsellor and have been helping people get over their fears and resolve marital issues for last 10 years.

Giving Back- Malini Lalit Bansal | Founder Chairperson of Aasmaa Foundation 4My specialization is aura reading, meditation and marriage counselling. I have been actively trying to promote a spiritual way of living amongst people. Since childhood, like many other girls, I wanted to become a teacher. What started as fun in school with ‘ each one, teach one’ where I tought five unprivileged children, turned into the main aim of my life. My biggest achievement to date, is when I see the kids from the Aasmaa Foundation sparkling with a smile and brightness.

After completing my schooling from Manav Sthali School and graduating in English (Hons) from Delhi University, I took an Art masters at South Delhi Polytechnic. My spiritual attainment came from my mother who always had dreams and visions, which came to life. My passion is travelling, and am fond of doing everything myself to perfection. Nothing less than perfect satisfies me.

I was born in Delhi to a family where our day always began with charity and I married into a family where again charity was not just a thing to do but a way of life. My husband is my greatest strength who has always supported me and stood by my side. My brothers also never let me miss even the smallest detail.

About your organisation

Aasmaa Foundation began in August 2010 and our first project was Project Asha, as that was the time when many areas of Uttarakhand faced destruction due to severe floods. Thousands of lives were affected, and though we could not do much to relieve their pain we added a smile on their faces. Then in 2011 we started our project Udaan, which is a day care and education centre for street children, children of maids, rickshaw pullers etc.

We started with just seven kids and soon the number rose to 80. What started as a small setup in a local park changed into classrooms in 2013 in Haiderpur. In 2014, Aasmaa started its vocational training centre for girls with courses like cutting and tailoring, beauty culture, candle making and art and craft.

Which cities are you operating from?


Why was the organisation set up? / What prompted you / the founders to set up the organisation?

Giving Back- Malini Lalit Bansal | Founder Chairperson of Aasmaa Foundation 2My house was a park facing the maids; labours and rickshaw pullers and they would leave their kids unattended in the park. The kids were exposed to unhygienic conditions and they would fight and waste their time doing nothing. It was then that I thought that we should do something for these kids and so I started taking class and having fun sessions with them.

What is the mission of the organisation?

We aim at respectful living for all which is possible only when we can provide them education, healthy environment and resources for earning.

Short Term goals?

To connect as many people as possible with the foundation and improve infrastructure.

Long term goals?

To have Aasmaa’s own setup as a school, where we can give these kids better modules, a better environment and they can be tought with all modern techniques, to prepare them to compete with this world.

Are you currently running any special initiatives?

We are running three projects at present:

1. Project Asha – giving hope when natural disasters strike

2. Project Udaan – giving wings to fly

3. Project Sammaan – respectful living for the aged and homeless

How do you fundraise?

Giving Back- Malini Lalit Bansal | Founder Chairperson of Aasmaa Foundation 3We have started a woman’s initiative, called Sugandham, to spreading the essence of joy with the main focus on giving a platform to urban woman to showcase their talent, for fun and entertainment. The women will also be learning improvising skills and fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Sugandham helps in fundraising, as we charge a participation/membership fee from members annually and part of that fee is transferred to the Aasmaa Foundation.

How can others help?

We welcome everyone to come forward for support in whatever way comfortable to them. It can be in terms of cash/ cheque donation, kinds, volunteer hours, sponsor the education of one child etc.

Who are the faces behind the organisation: Founders, Directors, Board Members

Founders : Malini Lalit Bansal

Directors : Raj Goyal, Asha Aggarwal, Sneh Aggarwal, Pooja Bansal, Priti Bansal and Ekta Singhla

Contacting the Asssmaa Foundation

Website: www.aasmaafoundation.org

Facebook page: Aasmaa Foundation

Email address: [email protected]

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