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Feng Shui your Christmas!

The Chinese have a saying, ”First luck, second destiny, third Feng Shui, fourth virtues and fifth education”.

Using simple cures, it increases the flow of positive “chi” and subdues the negative. According to Feng Shui, harmonizing our personal “chi” with the “chi” of the environment puts us in harmony with natural forces, resulting in the three most sought after attributes of good life: Health, wealth and happiness.

Most of us have had the occasional experience of “being in the flow”- in the right place at the right time. Feng Shui literally works with this flow in the environment, in our lives and in our homes so that we can maintain this life-rhythm consistently. This, over a period of time, helps in achieving happiness and prosperity through simple adjustments like placing furniture in a certain way, mirrors, wind-chimes, water features, plants using various colours and more. By doing this we can alleviate energy blocks so that “chi” moves more beneficially at home and in the office.

And now with Christmas festivities in full swing, I would like to talk about how we can benefit from this user-friendly science.

chinese-coins-with-ribbon-286-pHint no 1:

Wrap your gifts auspiciously with special intention. Tie three Chinese coins with a red ribbon to the gifts. The side with the four characters should face upwards. The coins will enhance the luck of the receiver.

Hint no 2:

Pine trees, which are also associated with Christmas trees, denote long life and friendship. It is a perfect time to take advantage of trees’ qualities. Choose one which has three sets of branches to symbolise three kinds of luck. Heaven, earth and mankind luck. Place the tree near the main door to welcome the incoming ‘chi’.

Hint no 3

Christmas means a lot of photographs. But remember that three people clicked in a row is not recommended. If a family has only three members, then they should form a triangle with the bread winner at the ‘top’ of the triangle for an auspicious photo.

Fengshui-2Hint no 4

Jingle bells are everywhere this time of the year. Choose a nice shiny bell with a red chord and tie it inside the main door. Not only will it bring the spirit, it will also activate the front door bringing in good news.

Hint no 5

Keep Christmas CDs in your cars and homes and turn on that yang energy of the season. Share the magic as you drive and sing along. It will make you warm and cheery.

Merry Xmas and best wishes for the new year!

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