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Female Entrepreneur: Riddhi Doshi-Patel – The Mocktail Gazebo

Tell us about yourself and your background

Born into an illustrious and highly educated family, I was always focussed on my own education and career. I completed my MBA from Symbiosis Pune, did a Masters in law and I am also a Bachelor in Education. I also have various certifications on training.  Teaching has always been my passion.

I am a Graphology handwriting analysis expert and have done my study in graphology from the best of Grapho Centres across the world such as The International Graphologists Association. (Graphology is the study of handwriting. It is used as a theory or practice for inferring a person’s character, disposition, and attitudes from their handwriting).

I have written several articles for The Times of India on Graphology and have given interviews to The Times of India and Radio Mirchi on the subject.

Have faith in yourself. Do the market survey properly and start your venture. Trust in yourself and the whole universe is there to support you.

Tell us about your company

I launched The Mocktail Gazebo in June 2011. The Mocktail Gazebo creates syrup-based and fresh fruit mocktails. Our USP is chemical–free preservative, created in my kitchen which I supply to parties, marriages and other events.

I mostly sell online through my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/themocktailgazebo?fref=ts

I also sell through exhibitions and take orders on the phone. Recently I have tied up with two caterers. My vision is to have a pan-India presence and hope to have Gazebos all across India serving my natural and healthy mocktails to people everywhere.

Why did you set up the company?

My father is a qualified Engineer from London and my mother is a Bachelor of Education and also an Ayurvedic doctor. I have their entrepreneurial genes in me and I have a passion for teaching so I started Rhyns Academy in 2002. This is a training institute where we primarily focus on enhancing skills of children and students.

Being a huge fan of mocktails I was uncomfortable with the harmful syrups and chemical based mocktails available in the market. I never liked the taste of preservatives which overpowered the fabulous and rich flavours of the fruits in these mocktails. Not to mention the food colours which aren’t natural. My husband also never approved of giving these juices to my son Dhwan whenever we went out for dinners. That’s when I realised that there would be many more parents like us who would have the same concern. And so I decided to start The Mocktail Gazebo for manufacturing healthy mocktails. I learnt the art of making mocktails from a chef of a very well-known chain of hotels. Initially I started supplying free to family and friends to get their comments and spread awareness. That’s how it all began.

I know I cannot fail when I have such a huge line of inspiration and support system behind me

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Building trust and faith in people who have been using off-the-shelf preservative based mocktails for so long. People try to compare us to some brands available in the market and want to understand why the cost differential exists. It takes a lot of patience and careful perseverance for me to keep going and continue making these mocktails which are a healthier version of that available in the market and hence the pricing. Those who favour all natural products have received and appreciated my efforts in my contribution to making people’s lives healthy. Once they tasted my mocktails they noticed the difference and started believing me. Eventually I started using the punch line often heard ‘Pehle Eistmaal Kare Baad mei vishwaas kare’.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I got an order for supplying my TMG mocktails to the Pepsico box guests in the IPL matches held at Mumbai in 2014. It was highly appreciated and the event manager passed on a whole list of good comments received to me.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My father Ajay Doshi, who left his very promising job of GM with TATAs and started his own venture when he was on the top of his career. My mother Nalini Doshi who left her career to concentrate on the upbringing of her four daughters and made them independent and achievers. She always believed in one thing – I had guts to change the mentality of people and I can do it. A Gujarati by birth automatically makes us associated with business-minded people around us. My husband Tushar Patel who always believed in me and my ventures. My sisters Kshema Desai, Maitree Shah and Urvi Shah who always made me feel complete by saying, ‘Do whatever you want to do- we are there with you’. I know I cannot fail when I have such a huge line of inspiration and support system behind me.

How do you balance your work life and home life?

The day time is for my child and the time he sleeps is the time I use for my work. On weekends I work extensively as my husband keeps my baby engrossed and that way we both spend quality time with my little one, Dhwan.

What advice do you have for women starting out on their own?

Have faith in yourself. Do the market survey properly and start your venture. Trust in yourself and the whole universe is there to support you.

Can you recommend any organisations or networking groups that have particularly helped you on your journey?

The Mompreneur India group – the brain child of Chetana Misra added immense value to my venture The Mocktail Gazebo. I have come to believe her system of collaboration for sustenance and growth as well and have joined as the co-founder in her quest to create a support platform for budding mompreneurs like myself.

If you could ask for one thing to help propel your business what would it be?

Investors and media support.

What does the future hold for you?

Planning to launch Gazebos from The Mocktail Gazebo across India where people can enjoy live mocktails.

For more information:

Website : www.mocktailgazebo.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/themocktailgazebo

Email id : [email protected]

Phone Number  : +91 9619439949

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