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Inspirational Woman: Dr Surabhi Jain | Nutrition Expert and Founder of Nutriwell India

Dr Jain
A Dentist by education but a Nutritionist by Passion and Choice. I believe in the saying ‘Formal education makes you a living, self education makes you a fortune’

Dr Jain

Being the youngest one in a close-knit family of modern outlook with conservative Indian values I enjoyed my childhood days, full of love and laughter. My parents believed in values of integrity, human relations and professional ethics so these qualities are rooted deeply in myself. Money was never a priority for my parents but humanity and humbleness was indeed.

I was a chubby kid in my childhood. Many girls had stars in their eyes but I had many vegetables and fruits. I had a deep affinity for healthy food and nutrition related topics. I got selected in medical entrance and got a dental seat. I don’t know what I wanted to do at that time but born and brought-up in a family of doctors so a desire to lessen sufferings was in my blood.

I did my degree but I always felt that something was missing from my life. I was very much interested in nutrition, reading about latest trends. Nutrition research was my favorite past time. Being a dentist and interested in working as a nutritionist was something strange as people believed. So that was the time I took formal nutrition education, Post Graduate Diploma in public health nutrition from one of the most premiere institute of India, PHFI and M.Sc. (Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Food Service Management). To understand the management aspect I did my M.B.A.( healthcare). In the earlier part of my career, as a public health professional, I worked extensively in maternal, child health and nutrition. My earlier public health stints with professional bodies, government and NGO’s like IAP, UNICEF,FHI, HLFPPT etc. became the drivers of my passion of finding natural, organic and non-medicalized solutions to health issues.

But the final call came when my public health job required extensive travelling and that was a hard task to do. Leaving my eight month old child behind was the last compromise I wanted to make. The decision was hard to make because we all love our financial security. So after a push from my husband, I left my job and started my full time nutrition clinic with investment of 10k. From the first day in my clinic I was sure that this is the place where I wanted to be. My existence felt complete in strange way. When You follow your passion, you end up being the best in the field, Because it’s not 9 to 5 job for you. It’s kind of pleasure, work satisfaction with added financial benefits. My consultancy was never a job for me, It was a passion that I wanted to follow from my heart.

My deep knowledge of medical subjects gave me an upper hand and I was able to guide and relate with people better. I can very well understand the growing need of alternative nutritional therapies which can help people attain the stage of optimum health.

I felt the need of taking diet and nutrition services in a more professional Way. So I started Nutriwell With a vision of Client Centric Ethical services in most economical cost.

We expanded our operations by giving online counseling and our team started to grow. I started as a single person but joined by many other like minded people with same vision to help others.

Our Client base was growing and we felt the need of having genuine and totally organic food supplements, which are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. So we launched our own product range of Nutriwell India. It was a hit and accepted by people instantly because people had trust in our brand. PCOS Clinic for Nutritional management of PCOs/PCOD was the concept famous in abroad but it was introduced in India by our Nutriwell Clinic.

I remember one incidence when my husband was discussing about start ups, He told that a idea which is genuine , needed and which truly helps people can never fail. Simply said but it has a big relevance in today’s world. This is the philosophy now which I consider first in my new projects. Our needs are changing and demands are increasing so market demands are also changing.

Today “NUTRIWELL India”, is one of the leading consultancies in Nutrition and Lifestyle Management, Team Nutriwell provides context based, nutrition and dietary solutions for health problems. In partnership with corporate and NGOs, we have led numerous workshops and knowledge sharing sessions. Even to date, with innumerable success stories and testimonials to our account, I am driven by my passion to give indivualized, patient centric care.

For Nutriwell’s contribution to the field of Nutrition, we were awarded for “Excellence in Health care” by the World Health Leadership Congress in 2016 and also Femina SUPER WOMEN ACHIEVER 2016-17. I am also involved in female show “SANGINI”and “MERI SAHELI”ETV

It feels good when we get Nominated for our hard work for “Excellence in Health care” by FICCI FLO. One of my proudest moment was when I was chosen among the few women entrepreneur in WE CAN Program by Cherrie Blair foundation and US Embassy with DRITI.

Now we plan to provide the most economical and easy to access diet and nutrition services to all, with help of our App ‘Nutriwell’. Nutrition, Diet and Healthy Lifestyle is the need of the hour and we pledge to provide that in the least possible cost.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

I truly believe that women are much more better than man in managing things. I think women can achieve anything whatever they want, barriers are only in our mind. All women entrepreneurs have to prove their worth in every step of life, that’s nothing new. We need to have the will power and effort and then nothing will be impossible. As a wife and mother of two kids, I think we need to learn to prioritize things and with hard work, dedication and motivation nothing is impossible.

We face new challenges every day in managing everything but I try, believe in power of positivity and come out of these blues because I believe there is a silver lining behind every cloud, new light after every tunnel and this keeps me going.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Achievements are in the way how we take it. For me my work is part of my individuality but true achievements are in terms of making my near and dear ones happy. If I can raise my two boys with moral values and high degree of conduct then ,that will be my true achievement.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I can’t even think about my life without my present profession. Its something that I am made for.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

This is one difficult question. There have been different people at different times. What am I today is because of a whole pantheon of people whom I met or get associated with. But in an abiding way, among the people I know, I’d count my mother for her moral values that she imbibed in us, my father of her selfless quality, My husband for the unlimited support, My sister for her non judgmental nature and my Brother with his zeal to do the best. We get inspired by many people so the list for me is endless.

My Kids are my biggest inspiration. Every day they teach me a new lesson. They make me realize that human relations are the most important thing in this world. They teach me to keep trying new things, take risks, keep learning, enjoying , discovering, smiling and stand against all odds. Kids forget the bad experience of past quickly, forgive, forget and they are eager to make new memories.

What does the future hold for you?

Future as for now has unlimited opportunities on work front. Many things are lined up, many projects are in pipeline, let’s see, But yes when I picture my life after 40 years it will be definitely with my husband in a place full of trees, greenery and natural beauty . Spending my time with nature ,doing gardening, listening to songs and reading books and writing. Peaceful and pleasant life.


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