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Hyderabad launched as WATC India’s latest Micro-site

WeAreTheCity India is delighted to launch it’s latest city micro-site. Following hot on the heels of Bangalore and Mumbai, Hyderabad is the third micro-site of the series which spotlights inspirational women from around India. The Hyderabad micro-site has been driven by the efforts of one outstanding woman, Anju Arora. WATC...
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Hyderabad – a 450 year-old Historic City | Anukeerthana Rao

What makes Hyderabad unique? Its culture – a fine blend of multiple cultures, enhanced under Turkish, Arab and Persian influences. And people say, ‘Once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi!’ Sultan Muhammad Quly Qutub Shah, founder of the historic city, was not only known as a renowned ruler, but also a...
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Benefits of Rose Water | Gunjan Mittal

When I was growing up, if I ever had a skin problem, my mother would always tell me to spray some rose water on my face. It’s something that I have grown up with.  It’s a natural miracle product! It works like a cleanse, toner, astringent and moisturiser. Rose water...
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