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Loving Life | Pratibha Malhotra

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pratibhaTell us about yourself and your background

I have been inquisitive about our existence and the purpose of our life for years. This thirst led me to explore spiritual organisations and pursue courses like hypnotherapy, reiki and many similar techniques. In the course of learning, exploring and experiencing these methods many mysteries slowly unravelled and these answered my burning questions. During the entire process, I underwent a major transformation in my understanding and connected to my inner source of joy, satisfaction, peace and love which slowly has permeated into all spheres of my life. I felt motivated and inspired to share this with as many people as I can.

So, ‘Loving Life’ has taken shape.


I have been a practicing Life Healer for seven years and I am trained in all these current day techniques. I have been on a spiritual journey in parallel to understand what this human birth and journey is all about? My inner journey and the practical revelations through these sessions with people is the wisdom that has been integrated into my life and is what is being offered through every course, every workshop and session I host.

I took care to educate myself and ensure I had all relevant qualifications to support my passion. Just some of these include; Clinical hypnotherapist from ‘California Hypnosis Institute’ USA ( level 1,2,3), Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Meditation Teachers training, Advanced Healing Therapy (deep rooted issues), Meeting Spirit Guides and Higher Self Therapy, Aura and Mind Energy Management, Neuro linguistic programming, AURA and Crystal healing, Life between Lives Therapy, Accessing akashic records, Inner Child Therapy and teacher training for all of these.

I am proud to have participated in various conferences including the World Congress on Regression Therapies’ in Delhi and Brazil, the World Healers Conference in San Diego and I have held workshop and talks on Mind Healing across India. All of these have added depth to my knowledge and experience post my trainings.

I have worked and supported people of all ages – from seven to 75 years – and from all walks of life. They have felt empowered and positive with the results and are leading their lives with refreshed vision.
Besides personal sessions I volunteered a lot of my time and effort supporting and teaching at an NGO. This, too, for me, was giving back to the society.

Tell us about Loving Life

‘Loving Life’ is a non-profit organisation founded as a Trust. Its purpose is to support and motivate people to embrace ‘joyful living’. Through sharing experiential-based learning and healing we help empower people by reconnecting them to their own innate strength. We hope to work with individuals, organisations, schools, colleges and wherever we find opportunity. Our work is to train more individuals to take this forward and expand the horizon of our reach. We want to make a difference and we will to do our bit.

The mission of Loving Life is to refresh, renew and recharge the existing state of being of an individual to his own highest positive state possible, at all times.

When was Loving Life established?

It has been active for over a year with spade work. We formally registered in January 2015.

Which cities are you operating from?

We are currently operating from Gurgaon and from Houston, USA.

What prompted you to set up the organisation?

I have gained a lot of insight through our interactions, experiences and trainings and I feel motivated to share this with as many as possible around us. Since the results have been life changing for me and my colleagues and for many others we have had the privilege to work with, I have been inspired to take it further.

It has been my personal experience that life and human journey can be joyful. However, we get misguided by many experiences and people. We end up in circles of confusion, doubts and unfortunate experiences which discourages and disempowers us. We will do our utmost to reach out to as many people as possible with our dedicated efforts.

Initially I dedicated seven days a week for pursuing this passion. I also have a family and other responsibilities. Keeping a balance, I now dedicate six days a week!
I take personal healing sessions and have integrated all my learning from an assortment of techniques, to create all encompassing courses. I also support some long distant people by phone, as and when the need comes up. Some visits have also been made to hospitals and to people’s homes when the need has arisen.

I am offering these courses to motivate people to love themselves, their life and share this love with those around them. These courses will enable an individual to work with themself and then practice with others hence become Loving Life healers.

What are your goals?

In the short term to create awareness about ‘Joyful Living’ through talks, courses, healings and meditations. In the long term to inspire many to become Loving Life Healers so this message of Joyful Living can reach many hearts and touch many lives. We want to make a difference in the world and we will do it.

Are you currently running any special initiatives?

We are holding weekly ‘Guided Healing Meditations’ and will soon hold a Reiki attunement for the economically weaker group of people so they can help heal their loved ones. I will be holding weekly sessions to give support about life as needed. I have offered to support the students of class 10 and 12 to empower them in their forthcoming exams.

How do you fundraise?

At the moment we haven’t done any work on this. We are using our own means. Our prime focus at the moment is to promote the organisation and its efforts to reach out to people, get them to experience the benefits of meditation and our workshops.

How can others help?

We request people to come and experience our meditation and our healing sessions. The organisation could use help with media coverage and website development. Sponsorship for our awareness programmes will help us give talks and similar healing experiences in a larger audience in Delhi and in other cities.

Who are the faces behind the organisation?

Our founders are myself, Pratibha Malhotram based in India, and Pooja Arora, based in the US. Our Board Trustees are myself and Dr Deepak Malhotra.

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