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You can’t delegate wellness | Shubhi Srivastava

Wellness is something which you can’t delegate; with all other things you have the choice to delegate, be it an office work deadline or daily household chores.

WellnessYou always have a choice to either divide chores and do it in breaks, or simply delegate it to others. For this all you need is better time management skills and a good supervision and you can easily handle your work well along with your wellness.

But if there is something which you have no choice to delegate, that is your own wellness. There is no possibility that somebody else can eat on your behalf or can possibly work-out for you and you get the benefits of it. Until the time science finds a possible solution for it, you have to make an extra effort for it along with all the other important responsibilities which you have to fulfil.

The good thing about wellness is that while you can’t delegate it, you can always customise it as part of your schedules. It will always give you more results than the efforts you make, if you are consistent with it and follow it with just a bit of discipline.

So all you have to do is make your wellness interesting in your own way. Combine it with things you love doing and fall in love with it. Don’t looking back and with discipline and consistency you will see that you are being transformed into a better person.

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