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Workstation can alter your stress



The word Workstation reminds you of deadlines, stress, heavy workload, and a hostile environment.

It is very much normal to feel like this by the thought of your office and desk, but before you go on thinking about your workload, let me just remind you that this is why you are not able to relax. Our mind works in a predefined way and medicine for so long has been successfully fooling it. It is time to take a step back and look at your desk in a way that will bring you joy every time you see it.

Every workstation has a history.  The cubicles were designed to generate a sense of equality and make people feel like they are in their own space. But there was a restriction to the material over your desk. A clean desk with only the essentials on was ideal; the more material, the more distraction. It did hold true in the age where a job was monotonous, but now where your job is based on the idea of creativity in every aspect you cannot use a desk with only your essentials in view. This includes the very basic organised/unorganised structure.

When you are looking for a place to live in you look for yourself in the house. Then you add colour and your touch to make it your own. It’s just the same with your work-desk. The workstation should depict your character for you to feel at home. Your workstation can make your work interesting, lovable and will reduce stress.

What your workstation needs is right within your reach.

  1. Add Green—– and other colours

No matter where you are a little bit of green is always refreshing. I am not asking you to add a garden next to your files, but even a small cactus plant would do. It brightens your workplace and the green soothes your eyes every time you look away from your screen. You can also choose to add more color to your desks, like colour-code your files or your drawers. Pin photos to the cubicle wall and box your essentials creatively.

  1. Map out your goal

Visualisation brings confidence and boosts your self-worth. Putting up a picture of your primary and secondary goal will remind you of your purpose and increase productivity. You may have a short term goal to travel after your current project ends, so a picture of the place you wish to travel will give you the positive motivation that you need.

  1. Remind yourself of others outside

This will help you to look forward to going home with a clean and happy mind, when you see someone you love it bring calmness over your mind and that is helpful every time you feel under pressure.

  1. Organise

A messy workplace does indicate your creativity in terms of science,  but it is rightfully frowned upon by society. Being organised is not just about how it looks but how easy and comfortable work becomes. Organising means finding documents in the right time. Less clutter means more space and more clarity.

  1. Take your time

Remember this is a process and will not happen overnight. It is about a gradual process and having a fresh mind every morning. Getting inspired, increasing productivity and reducing stress isn’t just about your desk or ergonomics it’s a state of mind and this is a step towards achieving it.


About the Author | Sanyukta Thakare

I’m an aesthetic person who believes in spreading good to receive good in return. I am a nature lover and simply enjoy writing, all works of art and learning new skills. I have a Masters degree in Management and Marketing. I started and manage a Pop-culture News Blog Website and I am working towards publishing my first Novel. I am on a journey of developing the conscious mind to achieve beyond the bounds that we feel today. 

I would love to help as many companions along the way as possible. I think it’s very difficult for people to hear their inner voice because of all the clutter outside. It’s the way that humanity has been led into this rich world, which overpowers the simple but important downfalls. The beauty within and around us nurtures the best in life. A happily ever after starts with joy at heart. My blogs are a way of spreading the insights that have helped me deal with life and bring me contentment.


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