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Why is it important to follow-up?

Thank you
Without follow up then a meeting, interview or new contact is simply an empty hole.

How often do you send a thank you note after attending an interview?

Recent statistics show that not only do you need to make a good impression during the interview, you also need to reinforce it by following-up:

  • 58% of employers said it is important to send a thank you after an interview.
  • 24% said it is VERY important.
  • 89% of hiring managers feel it appropriate to send a thank you note in the form of an email.

It is in your interest to ensure that you follow up every interview that you attend. Sending a note to say thank you after an interview will remind the employer as to why you are the right person for their role.

And, even if the role is not for you then I recommend that you still send a thank you note and leave a lasting impression as you never know what other opportunities may arise by showing your appreciation to someone who has spent time with you. I have on many occasions experienced individuals who have been recommended by the interviewer to another department purely on the basis of their follow-up approach.

IMPORTANT Applicants who are applying direct to organisations or looking to move internally with their existing employer are known to forget to follow-up partly because they do not have a recruitment agency calling them for their feedback but also because they don’t feel it necessary, they are unaware of the importance of follow-up. Remember that this is an opportunity for you to show that you’re interested in the role and also to assure the interviewer of your suitability and where you can add value to their department.

So what is the protocol when following-up after an interview?

  • Always follow-up within 24 hours and ask for the job if you want it! Please note that if you are going through a recruitment agency then feedback to your consultant first and make a mention to the fact that you would like to send a thank you note to the interviewer as part of your job seeking strategy.
  • Provide a BRIEF overview as to why the role excites you emphasising your key competencies and suitability for the position.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you! Whilst sending a thank-you note will not automatically earn you the job it will however give you an edge in the event that it is a close decision between you and one other applicant.
  • Proof read to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors.
  • Be persistent as whilst it can be frustrating not to receive any feedback from an interview it’s important for you to remain resilient. People are often busy so remember not to take delays personally.
  • Regardless to how well you know the interviewer especially when interviewing internally of via your network ALWAYS follow up your interview with a thank you note.

Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression

“Holding the hands of the Job Seeker”


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