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What to do when you can’t believe in yourself?

We hear that you have to ‘believe in yourself’ all the time because it’s just so true.

Believe in yourselfTime and people have proven this age-old philosophy a gazillion times. Many successful names stand a strong testimony to this. When the world doesn’t approve of you, it’s okay and all that matters is you approve yourself first. When you believe in yourself, the world will reflect that back to you. However, it has to start from within. Isn’t that what you have always known and have always been told?

The tricky part is for those of you, who in spite of believing in this ‘believe in yourself’ philosophy have a tough time practicing it. This may not occur all of the time, but just occasionally. Maybe not in all areas, but in some areas. You have absolutely no problem in believing in your potential in writing a book for example, but have trouble with public speaking. You might be superb in trusting your business skills, but fumble when it comes to losing weight.

Check for yourself – where do you get shaky in believing in yourself? It could be even getting lucky in a lottery. Very few people even dare to think of that kind of luck.

If you have a bucket list of things or maybe just one damn thing, which challenges you to believe in yourself, then I suggest don’t try too hard then.

If you can’t believe in yourself, all you can do is don’t doubt yourself. You might be thinking what am I talking about? What do I mean? Isn’t it the same thing?

I would say, it might seem like the same but it’s actually quite the opposite.

If you have a tough time, motivate yourself with words like ‘yes I can do it’. Don’t give power to the negative self talk of who do you think you are? You are not smart enough, good enough etc. When they come, just simply observe your thoughts. You need do nothing. You don’t even have to feel bad about having those thoughts. When you start ignoring those thoughts, it means you do not doubt yourself.

You will hear many successful people saying that, ‘I had never thought of achieving this’. Not thinking is one, and doubting yourself is another. You will not know anyone who has succeed who ever said that I doubted myself. They might not be thinking about it or expecting it, but they were not wasting their time or energy by doubting.

This is something I have discovered by going through hundreds of interviews of many well-known people. You can even win a lottery. If you can’t believe yourself to win, at least don’t doubt yourself.

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