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What to do when things don’t go your way? | Monisha Doley

girls-407685_640I know this feeling and I hate it and I know for sure you hate it too. You have come out with a plan, have started implementing it and now you are just getting hopeful. You are full of expectancy and BOOM! – life hands you a S#@T sandwich. Things don’t go your way and you have to take a detour. YIKESSSS!!!! Scary and frustrating?

You can’t change things out of control but you can definitely do something. THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY!

Even if your plans and actions fail, and it seems like nothing is working out, trust, know and believe that there is always another way. At this moment you can’t see it, can’t figure it out because your vision has got messy as a result of this setback. Take a few deep breaths, focus on your breathing and tell yourself:- there is always another way. I might not understand it, might not see it right now but I know for sure there is another way.

What’s in it for me to learn?

Nothing is by chance or an accident – either good or bad. Nothing happens randomly. Consciously or sub consciously, we participate in whatever happens to us be it good or bad. It’s tough to accept that but being a student of the universal laws it’s a fact. Nothing happens outside of the law of cause and effect. If you see the effect, then it is your first step to find out the cause.

Ask yourself? “What’s in it for me to learn?” “How have I contributed to this outcome through my thoughts and actions?” When you start focusing on the lesson, you naturally snap out of the helpless and hopeless mentality? Why is it happening to me mentality? You take responsibility and set yourself on a powerful position. A state of mind from which you can analyse, think clearly and see the next right step.

Remember, that even when things don’t go your way, it’s also a part of the master plan, the bigger picture.

So stay in your game and keep moving with a BIG SMILE!

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