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Wellness Trends

Wellness is one the most commonly used words in this day and age.  It encompasses all senses and relates to being at a different level of existence. Here the body has its physical exercise and relaxing treatments, nutritious food. The mind is challenged and the soul is nourished through meditation and chanting.  So the trend for such wellness is increasing and there are some fabulous places that one can experience such a level of wellness.

wellbeingEveryone can benefit tremendously from such a break and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the West.  Families take a wellness break which includes yoga classes, physical activity, relaxation and meditation.

India being the home of Ayurveda, offers some very authentic treatments and there are many unique spas and resorts that have sprung up recently including the Vivanta by Taj in Bekal, Ananda in Himalayas, Vana Retreat etc.

Foreign players are also entering the market and today we see a wide variety of treatments available such as a Lomi Lomi massage, hot stone therapy massage, Aromatherapy massage and Thai massages.

The high quality products and treatments bought by foreign players like Aromatherapy Associates has taken the spa experience to another level in India.

Women are more conscious not only about their looks but also about how they feel and a spa treatment works at various levels of the person including portraying confidence.

In Mumbai alone there are 10 day spas opening every month. With such a varied choice, the discerning customer shows loyalty for those spas that offer variety, world class service, customer engagement, mood enhancing ambience and total wow experience. Therefore it is essential that for spas to be successful that the customer journey is mapped to the target audience and therapists are trained in soft skills as well.

Written by:
Jo Gaglani,
Director -Sanctum Spa and Wellness Pvt Ltd

[email protected]

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