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Welcome to Sherpa land – Pokhra | Payal Gandhi Hoon Blog

This story is special to me with every inch of my heart – for here I was after a rather nomadic dwelling across a boarding school, paying guest and living as a house guest – that after almost 23 years to our astonishment ; I had ventured out on a whole sole independent holiday exclusively with my parents. This was to the land of Sherpas (just 3 weeks before Nepal was hit was nature’s wrath. Many prayers for Nepal and its lovely people as I write this)

Untitled 3Post a dip and a dabble with Katmandu that seemed quite like some place in India- features, language, easy currency, food and it all. We made a short propeller ride like I read in the Yogi bear comic series to Pokhra which was to be precise a 25 mins fly by air.

Pokhra seemed like the more scenic Nepal and also the thrill of getting onto the adventure sports that it offers with plenty of options for mounting an ultralite, trekking, sky diving, zipflying and so on Nepal as one would know of – The drive led us through a small town into a meandering turn till the car halted before steps leading to a water body and a resort beyond accompanied with a backdrop of the scenic green mountains almost reaching out to the blue skies.

The usual luggage was offloaded and was being taken down to the river. We in our usual nonchalant manner walked down the stairs typically expecting a motor boat or a rowing boat to get there. Till when we saw a wooden raft with a roof and bar handles all around other than the openings to mount and dismount – strung with ropes on either sides.

There guard got the raft onto our side and the luggage was placed onto it and so were us and a few guests. We were told as a matter of fact to stand on either side to give the raft some balance. And then began the motions of magic. The guard stood with a firm footing and straight posture at the centre forward of the raft; facing the Lodge we were heading towards. And with what seemed gentle but swift almost hypnotic motions latched onto and pulled the rope nailed at the Lodge and gently dropped onto the shaft floor in neat loops of coil. Each time he performed the motion of hauling the a portion of the rope onto the shaft thus moving us closer to land- there would be the rest that would lay into the lake water with a zephyr like motion . Almost like the after effects of the Fish tail once it has lept up and would splash back onto the surface of the water.

This approach and exit to the resort remains etched in our minds like many other visitors. Indeed a simple method and in commune with nature. No roaring sounds of engines or blades chopping waters; just a drifting movement and the music of water. This is so well preserved by the resort and indeed a beautiful and eco friendly way to discover Fishtail.

Untitled 2With each pull we got closer to the beautiful ‘Fishtail resort’. And there it bought us to our home for the next few days. I loved the walks by the nature with beautiful and exotic multi colored flora and fauna, the simple quiet gazebo where I chanted to my heart’s content. Trudged along the small walk ways holding hands with mom and dad, enjoyed swaying in a hammock overlooking the serene beautiful lake reflecting the ever changing hues of the sky. Did our day trips, some boating at the Phew lake and adventure sports; to return to our relaxed dwelling.

We lounged over a special family candle light dinner with live hindi music playing in the backdrop of the mountains and lake. So mesmerised we were with The Nepali band duo’s rendition of Lag jaa galeh, humko mili hain aaj yeh ghadeeya naseeb seh…(Lets embrace each other…our destiny has given us these truly special moments with due blessings)

It was for us a beautiful quaint get away as a family and we indeed cherished each moment spent capturing memories and soaking the serenity together.

The resort was once described by New York times best seller guide as 1000 places to see before you die and am only blessed and thankful to have nestled in the lap of nature with my loving parents.

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