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Turning your business idea into reality | Monisha Doley

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Group Of Women PlanningYou have an idea, a desire to start something on your own. But the problem is how to get started? You hate your job, can’t stand it any more, but you are still putting up with it because you are scared. How are you going to pay your bills? How do you turn your idea into a business? You are confused. It seems so daunting and a distant goal. You are overwhelmed but you know and know for sure, you have to start something on your own. Sounds familiar?

Then I have some tips to share.

Fall in love with your idea

Never start up on your own because you hate your job. Negativity cannot be your inspiration to start something.

The key is to fall in love with your idea. Where focus goes, energy flows. So instead of focusing on how much you hate your current situation, dwell on your idea. Why do you want to start it? How does it make you feel? The inspiration to start your business should be love of your work. When you focus on how it would make you feel, sooner or later you will feel confident enough to put down your papers with confidence.

Action with alignment

I am an affirmation junkie. I use affirmation all the time. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. So if you drop your current job with an energy of anger, boredom, frustration or resentment you will carry the same energy with you wherever you go, be it another job or your business itself. You will attract similar situations that will trigger the same feelings in you.

Put up an affirmation anywhere conspicuous, like this one:

“I want to quit my job with ease and have a feeling of excitement about the future.”

Let it be your reminder for the next 30 days. Let it be your focus point.

When ease and excitement is your centre of attention, that’s what you will generate within yourself. This is how you train your mind and prepare it for the next right step.

You don’t want to step into the unknown with fear and anxiety, but you want to be at ease with the present and eager about the future. You take action with full alignment to your sane self.

And in a matter of time, you will find yourself having started your business that you love so much!

Go for it. Make the positive change and take steps to becoming the entrepreneur you know is in you!

By Monisha Doley

About Momisha Doley

Monisha DoleyI am 26 years old, born in a small town of Lakhimpur, Assam in the north eastern region of India. I graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management and Hospitality Administration in Mumbai in 2010. I worked for Kingfisher Airlines and Qatar Airways and was in the aviation industry for almost five years. I come from a humble background and wasn’t very privileged financially so my only goal as a child was to earn a lot of money, which led me towards aviation. But just before my 25th birthday, I found myself asking BIG questions and was emotionally and spiritually drained. I had a quarter life crises! I was guided towards the self help industry and became a devoted student of metaphysics, the laws of the universe and ‘a course in miracles’. I know that I am meant to do transformational work with others. That’s why I am a life coach, motivational speaker and a self help book author today.

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