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Too Much or Too Less | Shubhi Srivastava

Recognition is something that everybody longs for, a very common human nature.

Too Much or Too LessIt may be because we are always been told to expect it even when we didn’t know the meaning of it. Here are some of the common scenarios that prove the point.

Scenario 1: As infants or children, we were all expected to showcase whatever our parents taught us, like say the first word you spoke, show if you can walk and showcase what you have learnt in school, be it ABC’s, numbers, or poems. Every parent feels good about it.

Scenario 2: When we reach school/college, we are again told that studies are important and so are extra-curricular activities. Everybody expects us to be fairly good in both and I’m sure you’ll agree, we try our level best for that.

Scenario 3: When we start working, we encounter a very common saying, “work hard and party harder”. We try to perform with the best of our capabilities, again for recognition for our work as it’s going to give us increment and promotions. We also try to be equally social at work as well, as that’s also important.

Scenario 4: Last but not the least, is the family and social commitment because “as work is important, so is family”. Common human nature means we always want to be in the good books of most of the people around and hence we always strive hard to do and manage things to best of our capabilities.

It may be because we have been brought up this way but in most of the cases we become a jack-of-all trades, managing study, work, and family pretty well in our own ways.

Q. You all must be thinking why am I sharing this with you as you already know it or is this my latest blog ?

A. Actually Not!

The blog is about what I am writing now. The outcome of the entire four scenarios I discussed is either TOO MUCH or TOO LESS. By this I mean, because you are jack of all trades and do so much, there are two things that’s happen with YOU, either you start taking care of yourself all the more, because you think you deserves it, which mean excessive work-out at times, too much of food & beverages & bla bla bla. Or you don’t take care of yourself at all as you think you don’t have time so no work-out, no time for food etc etc etc…..80% of people falls into either of the above two scenarios.

And if you also think you are a part of any of the above 2, its high time you should change and to INDULGE WITH YOURSELF & I really look forward to hear from you.

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