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There’s no right or wrong time for a new beginning | Coach Shilpi’s Corner

new beginning 2I wrote this piece sitting in my salon. It flashed to me that we take great efforts to look presentable, look new, look different, look impressive and we should be doing it. Our physical presence talks a lot about who we are. We are constantly experimenting and reinventing our physical appearance. But what about reinventing our thought process, our perspective, our skills? These need to be refreshed as well!

I have been immensely inspired by two 60+ women who have changed the world around them to lead a much more meaningful and fulfilling life. I am blessed to have my mother and my aunt in my life. Aged 66 & 63, Asha & Aruna, one a housewife and the other an agriculturist, decided to take charge of their life and, with some support, started their homestay, ‘Grannys Inn’ in the mystical city of Varanasi.

As simple as it may sound, this was not so easy. To deal with doubts and fears, to learn new skills at an age when mothers tend to ‘retire on life’ they were preparing themselves for a brand new start.

What worked for them

  • Change in Circle of Influence – Change inspires change. Examine your circle of influence. If people falling in this circle have not inspired you, have not added to the positivity, are not focused on the future, are more pessimist than optimist, chances are you are not interacting with the right people. As the popular saying says,  You are an average of the sum of five people who surround you. Find these five people
  • Investment in Yourself – Ready yourself to learn new things which would be necessary to run your business or help transition your career. Invest in skill development – there’s always something new to learn. The moment you stop learning, you stop growing. Research what’s relevant for you, how much time investment would it require, would you need some help from friends, colleague or family members? Plan it and then go for it
  • Believe in Yourself – My mother and aunt knew they were lovely grannies! They knew they were most lovable hosts. They knew they were more than finicky about the upkeep of their own home. Then why would they not be successful as hosts of Grannys Inn? They just needed to believe in themselves. Believe in yourself, your inherent skills, your vision and goals
  • Physical Well Being – For your mind to be active, your body needs to be active. Health is the most precious wealth we have. Take care of your body and mind. Exercise and meditate.. You will be surprised with its effect on your life
  • Be Positive – A positive mind is home to opportunities and opportunities can be life changers. If you are not naturally positive in your approach, train your mind to do so. Read books, meet positive people and look for constant reinforcements.

Hope for the best. Desire for the best and look for the new YOU!

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