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The India Diaries Brings To You: The Different Shades of India

Sulagna Chatterjee FeatureImagine a 20 year old girl sitting in front of her laptop all day long. What would you think she’s doing? Most would assume that she’s wasting her time chatting on Facebook or watching shows. But Sulagna Chatterjee isn’t one of those. An enthusiastic and enterprising girl by nature, she is the founder of a newly launched content website called The India Diaries (TID).

The India Diaries is a one of a kind crowd-sourced content website founded in June 2014 by Sulagna Chatterjee, a media student that aims to showcase all the aspects of the country: The Unseen Side of India. It started off as a social media based entity wherein every week, one person would curate its Twitter account @TheIndiaDiaries and share his/her travel experiences within the country. People from across the country shared pictures, experiences and stories with TID. Then it moved into on-ground events including a travel tweetup at Lemon leaf, Andheri in July 2015, a Mumbai Heritage Photowalk on September 6th, and a Kolkata Foodhop on September 26th in collaboration with a food blog ‘Entree to Dessert’.

On November 1st, 2015, TID launched its website (www.theindiadiaries.com) which is a platform to share your stories, your reviews, your ideas, and your experiences about various aspects of India. Ranging from Art, Culture, Heritage, Travel, Food, Lifestyle and more, The India Diaries wants to be the one-stop portal for all those people who have a story to share. The foundation of The India Diaries is the motto of being ‘All About India. All About You.’ Even though it has a team of in-house content writers, it wants to focus on contributions from the people. When you submit an article to the team, only the basic editing of the article is done so as to maintain the beauty of the contributor’s emotions and opinions.

It is a completely self-funded start-up and that’s one of the USPs because Sulagna wants to maintain the authentic essence of the concept. According to Sulagna, being sponsored by a brand or an investor at this stage, where the concept is evolving each day and each passing moment, would hamper the flow and the passion of the people. She funds her web development expenses and event expenses herself through her pocket money solely.

Sulagna Chatterjee, Founder of The India Diaries, said: “’When I started with TID, I did not imagine I’ll be here today. It started off in a very funny manner, but slowly over time, it grew on me. The entire venture has changed me as a person. There are times I don’t sleep properly because something or the other is on my mind all the time. However, it has made me a very confident and responsible girl who knows when and how to take a decision. It’s difficult at times because I barely have time for other things. Monetarily, it’s crazy because I need to curtail on a number of expenses in my personal space. But it’s all worth it in the end because I know that no matter what happens and where TID reaches, it’s all mine. I really don’t know where I’ll be two years from now, but no matter what people might say, TID has made me realise what life is.”

On the website, you’ll find travelogues from people who’ve been to offbeat locations in India, foodies talking about different places to eat, celebrities sharing their memories about a festival, fashion tips for various occasions and much more. Worry no more, India – The India Diaries brings you everything you need to know about the country.

Explore, discover, rejoice. All about India. All about You.The India Diaries

About The India Diaries:

In June 2014, Sulagna started The India Diaries as a Rotational Curation Account on Twitter so as to give people the platform to discuss the various aspects of India, including travel, food, lifestyle, art, heritage and more. Currently, The India Diaries operates both online as well as offline by hosting travel meetups, photowalks and foodhops to spread the word about Indian Travel and Heritage. The website (www.theindiadiaries.com) aims at being the one-stop platform for all about India – by the people, for the people and of the people.

About Sulagna Chatterjee: Sulagna is a 20 year old media student whose life revolves around social media. Being a chirpy and happy-go-lucky girl, she is extremely enterprising and ambitious and doesn’t step back from taking risks. She’s very proficient when it comes to meeting and talking to new people which led her to come up with her own start-up at the dire age of 19.

Contacting Sulagna Chatterjee:

Mobile: +91 9769195135

Twitter: @TheIndiaDiaries

Website: www.theindiadiaries.com

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