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Summer Skin Care Tips | Gunjan Mittal

Woman walking along the beach

Woman walking along the beachAs the sun gets brighter and temperatures rise, we have to be more careful about our skin.

Dangers of over-exposure to the sun

Sun exposure is important to our body as it’s a key source to Vitamin D. Sun exposure in moderation is good, however, more than 15 minutes before 10aam or after 2pm is not good and causes damage.

Recent and in-depth research has shown that there are two kinds of UV rays – UVA and UVB – rendering standard sunscreens inadequate. Do look for sun blocks that offer protection from both types. Exposure to UVA rays, which are present during most part of the days, even during cloudy days, causes wrinkles and spots. UVB rays cause sun burn and reddening.

UVA rays penetrate beyond the superficial layers and damage the skin’s surface layers. Its intensity differs by time of day, locale, forecast and season, but still holds potential in causing sun damage. These are the rays responsible for change in darkness of skin pigmentation, age spots, and the more common tumors that may ultimately evolve into cancer.

Sunscreen is not limited to the poolside or beach – it should be applied on a daily basis. Opt for moisturisers and body lotions with SPF, and if possible, always choose a higher SPF for your face. Don’t forget your hands especially when driving. Hands are an instant giveaway to your true age, so invest in a hand cream that offers SPF protection.

Summer Skincare Tips:
  • Apply sunscreen religiously – Look for sunscreen that offers both UVA and UVB protection. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out and reapply every few hours.
  • Don’t miss the moisturiser – Hydration is important even in summer, so never miss this step in your daily routine. Heat, sun, humidity and air conditioning causes the skin to become dehydrated hence it’s important to use a light moisturiser during the day and a heavy, more hydrating moisturiser before bed so that the moisture is restored.
  • Don’t skip on eye creams and lip-balms – Sun causes damage to the skin and will gradually lead to thinning of skin and cause wrinkles. The delicate areas of the skin have to be protected. Use a light formula for eye cream and always use a lip balm with SPF.
  • Protect your hands and feet too – When applying moisturiser and SPF make sure you also bring it down to your neck and chest, this is the area that gives away your age quickly. Invest in a hand cream and foot cream with SPF. Your hands and feet need protection too!
  • Add antioxidants to your routine – Skin care products containing antioxidants help in reversing the sun damage. Make sure to invest in products which have Vitamin C and E
  • Exfoliate – depending on your skin type, ensure you exfoliate at least two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells.

In addition to all the above tips, please make sure you dress to protect. Lightweight, cotton cover-ups along with a cap or broad-brimmed hat will act as shields from harmful UV rays. Also, keep yourself hydrated to prevent heat stroke.

Happy summer to all of you!

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