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Style of Spaces By M

Styling and fashion is the epidermis of a woman’s personality. It troubles a woman who by her genes has fashion sense to live in spaces that don’t find fancy with her genes. Interior design of spaces has come in line with this fact and as designers it’s a thing to do to achieve sanctity between the aura of the space and the lady of the home.

The space is like a genie.

A home finally is a genie to the woman which provides everything she needs from a romantic ambiance when she desires so, warmth when she expresses so, a studio when she is loving art, a theatre when her playwright visual desires appear.

An interior designer is the lamp that one has to rub to get a genie of a home to do all the above.

As a designer I realise this fact and energise each space with the above belief.

Making the space sensuous

(Part of the 25 secret tips on home design by M)

M-bedBedroom are playgrounds of romancing. They need materials that give sensuous feelings. As a designer I believe bedrooms have to be romantic. The space must infuse.

Consider using the following

Bed sheets. Use best thread counts that feel great. White is my favourite with a silver or gold lining and it’s an all-time classic.

Wall art. I use text on the walls to arouse like “LIVE”. It can be interpreted in many ways.

Lighting. Introduce a dimmable lamp on the side table that’s a hand away from the bed. Table lamps add shadows which make the space provocative.

Technology. Cast away your tech stuff far away in a drawer and keep plug points only there. Tech is the biggest distraction to a sensuous connection between people.

Acoustics. Silence is bliss and an essence in creating a sensuous ambience. Investing in sound proof windows and sound absorption paneling is recommended.

Flooring. Wooden floors add warmth but I like pure wood floors that cost a song. So if budget is an issue then get in some Nepalese carpets which have an interesting feel.

Mattress. International and local brands have some amazing soft mattresses that are good for the back too. A comforting mattress is a must have. Why do you think all class hotels invest in them!

About M, Founder, Lets Space it out

Munawwar Sharifi aka M is a gifted Architect & Interior designer. Creatively inclined from the very beginning, M did his schooling from St Andrew’s School followed by college education from Mithibhai College showcasing his artistic stride throughout his educational years. His architectural Alma mater, LS Raheja School for Architecture, helped him hone his skills.

Passionate about designing spaces, M currently heads a design company ‘Lets space it out’ erstwhile known as ‘The Design Company’. He has been responsible for designing commercial spaces for some of the most reputed names like Unilever, ING, Principal Financial group. His extravagant styling also reflects in personal spaces that he has designed for his HNIs across the country.

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